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The UvA not only wants to recruit but also hold on to talented staff members from diverse backgrounds. In this mentoring programme for talented employees mentees with an academic function (all functions except professor) or support and management staff in scale 9 up to and including 12 can sign up to discuss career choices and other things with experienced mentors.

The programme is an opportunity for mentees to:

  • Discuss dilemmas and questions about working in our academic environment with an experienced colleague.
  • Reflect on the career choices they are facing, together with a mentor who can draw on extensive experience.
  • Discuss both professional questions and individual choices.
  • Have five or six conversations between October and June with their mentor, in which they can determine the topics for discussion.

The UvA implements an active diversity policy in support of groups that are inadequately represented in higher academic and support staff positions (i.e. women and people from a migrant background) to further their career development. Therefore, if more people apply than there are places available, individuals from these groups will be given priority when registering for the programme.

The Executive Board members have already signed up as mentors

The three members of the Executive Board (Geert ten Dam, Peter Paul Verbeek and Jan Lintsen) have also signed up as mentors. Geert ten Dam: 'I know the value in having someone to discuss career choices with early on in your professional career. As UvA we have a lot to gain from a diverse workforce and a better flow through of talented employees with diverse backgrounds. I want to personally contribute to that.'

A look at the UvA talent mentoring programme.

Would you like to know more?

Read about the experiences of mentees and mentors in the programme:

Also see the brochure for mentees (PDF, 12 p.) or the brochure for mentors (PDF, 16 p.). 


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