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Diversity policy of the University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam is committed to inclusion and equal opportunities. We want to provide students with equal opportunities, regardless of their background. In addition, we want a greater mix of backgrounds within our staff to improve the quality of our work, both by recruiting new employees and by creating diverse teams. We do this through various initiatives.

Our Diversity Document provides a framework for diversity and inclusion. We use this document as a starting point for creating and implementing university policies surrounding diversity and inclusion.

The strategic objectives as outlined in this Document can be broken down into four main themes:

  • accessibility and study success for students whose backgrounds might make studying at a university a less obvious choice for them;
  • successful cooperation in diverse teams;
  • recruitment, selection, appointment, promotion and retention of colleagues from diverse backgrounds;
  • identification and stimulation of good practices and knowledge exchange.

We use these themes to expand upon existing programmes and develop new activities that contribute to a diverse and inclusive learning and working environment. In this, we work together with students, faculties, services, diversity officers and UvA partners.

Establishing a UvA-wide Diversity Document

In 2019, the Executive Board discussed the UvA's Diversity Document and how it can be implemented with the academic community in various ways. It was discussed within the University Forum and the Senate, and also made available to students and staff for comment on the online platform The responses to these consultations were incorporated into a document which was submitted to the Central Works Council and the Central Student Council.

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“The Diversity Document describes how we can foster an inclusive learning and working environment where all students and staff members can feel at home and which increases the quality of our education and research and our impact on society.” President of the Executive Board Geert ten Dam

Amsterdam Agreement for inclusive higher education

On Monday, 21 September 2020, the University of Amsterdam and eight other higher education institutions signed the Amsterdam Agreement for diverse, inclusive and socially involved higher education. With this agreement, the educational institutions commit to working together towards an inclusive and just society in which there is no room for racism and discrimination.

Roles and responsibilities

How are diversity and inclusion organised at the University of Amsterdam and what are the different roles and responsibilities?

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Fact and figures

Our UvA Fact Book contains up-to-date and detailed facts and figures on students, staff, research and funding.

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Accessibility and equal opportunities at the UvA

The University of Amsterdam commissioned the Kohnstamm Institute to conduct research into the accessibility of the institution and opportunities for students, regardless of their background.

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Gender Equality Plan

From 2022, every higher education institution must have a gender equality plan in order to be eligible for funding from Horizon Europe. With our efforts, which form a prominent part of our wider intersectional Diversity & Inclusion approach, the UvA will continue our contribution towards gender equality in academia.

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Participation in the CBS Barometer of Cultural Diversity

In order to substantiate the policy of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) on equal opportunities and cultural diversity, the UvA would like to use the Cultural Diversity Barometer of Statistics Netherlands (CBS). Personal data will therefore need to be shared with CBS. This concerns the personal data of staff employed on the following reference dates: year-end 2010, year-end 2015 and year-end 2020. Staff working for the UvA on these dates has been informed by a letter via email on 4 March 2021. In addition, a notice was published in the employee newsletter and the alumni newsletter.

On 19 April 2021, employees were informed that the UvA wants to take extra time to answer any questions from within the organisation about the barometer. Any further steps in this process will be announced in due course.