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UvA Honorary Medallion

Every year the UvA awards Honorary Medallions to individuals who have made a special contribution or given exceptional service to the University.

The Honorary Medallion laureates of 2022 (photo: Van harte gefotografeerd!)
The Honorary Medallion laureates of 2022 (photo: Van harte gefotografeerd!)
The Honorary Medallion laureates of 2021 (photo: Van harte gefotografeerd!)
The Honorary Medallion laureates of 2021 (photo: Van harte gefotografeerd!)

These contributions could have been made during a long period of service to the UvA, but also over shorter periods or during a one-off initiative. The Honorary Medallion is intended for people from all positions, backgrounds and disciplines, from all levels of the UvA. People not employed by the UvA may also be eligible for the Medallion. Nominations for the Medallions can be made by any UvA employee. The Medallions are awarded in june during the so-called Medallion Day.


The UvA has a long tradition of making such awards. The Honorary Medallion (under the name Stapenning Honorary Medallion) was awarded from 1989 until 2020 in three variants: the large, medium and small (though the ‘small’ medallion was retired in 2005). In the period from 1967 to 2003, the UvA also awarded the Silver Honorary Medallion. The final recipient of the Silver Honorary Medallion was Ruud Bleijerveld, who was honoured in 2003 when he retired as secretary general of the UvA. A register of the medallions awarded is kept by the clerk’s office (download PDF, in Dutch).

Design of the Medallion

The Honorary Medallion was designed by Eric Claus, sculptor, graphic artist and medalist, and is made of bronze. The obverse contains the UvA logo and the Latin name of the University: Universitas Amstelodamensis. The wreath around the medal consists of seven books, symbolising the seven faculties of the UvA. On the reverse - to show the intertwining of the University and the city - the logo of the municipality of Amsterdam is depicted with the silhouette of an Amsterdam canal house in the background. Also included is the original name of the University, Athenaeum Illustre.

Awards procedure

The UvA Honorary Medallions Committee examines all nominations. The committee then advises the Executive Board on whether to award an Honorary Medallion in each case. The committee consists of a dean (who also acts as chairperson); a director of a faculty, service or other management unit; a member of the support and management staff; and a member of the academic staff. The committee is supported by a secretary. For more information about the UvA Honorary Medallion and related procedures, please contact the secretary of the Honorary Medallion Committee via