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Programme Committees

The Programme Committee (PC) is a representative advisory body in which students and lecturers discuss the quality of education at the level of the individual study programme or cluster of study programmes. In that capacity, the PC advises on the design of the curriculum, quality assurance, and policy choices.

The PC performs its task by reviewing the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER) and its implementation and by issuing (unsolicited) advice to the programme director and the dean on all education-related matters for the relevant study programme.

It is important to University of Amsterdam that the programme committees are able to perform this valuable function. The Guide for Programme Committees offers more information about the duties and functions of the PCs and provides practical advice.

Download the Guide for Programme Committees (PDF, 37 pp.)

Workshops for programme committee members

The UvA also offers workshops that programme committee members can follow for further professionalisation. You can find the central workshop offerings on this webpage. In addition, you can also consult the website of your faculty and programme for further information and the local professionalisation options.

  • Workshop on quality assurance and UvA Q

    The programme committee has the task of assessing the quality of the education provided in the programme. It does this by looking at student feedback provided through the UvA Q teaching-evaluation method. On 9 December 2019 programme committee members can join a workshop on Quality Assurance and UvA Q.

    In this workshop we first look at the quality assurance cycle in programmes and courses and the role of the program committee within this cycle. We will then discuss the role of student feedback in greater detail and explain the different options the UvA Q evaluation system provides. In the second (interactive) hour, the participants will practice in groups with reading different types of evaluation reports.

    • Time: Monday, 9 December, 15:00-17:00
    • Location: REC B2.08
    • Costs: none
    • Maximum number of participants: 30

    Sign up for the workshop on 9 December