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The budget shows how the UvA’s plans and ambitions fit into the financial frameworks described in the Framework Letter.

The budget shows how the UvA’s plans and ambitions fit into the financial frameworks described in the Framework Letter.

  • Explanation of the 2022 budget

    On 30 November 2021, the Executive Board adopted the budget for 2022, including an updated Accommodations Plan and ICT Project Portfolio. Subsequently, the Supervisory Board approved the budget on 15 December. The Joint Meeting of the Central Works Council and the Central Student Council approved the key aspects of the 2022 budget on 31 January 2022. With this, the budget process is complete. 

    Six percent higher income

    The UvA has estimated a 6% increase in its income for 2022. This is mainly due to an increased government grant, which is the main source of income. Part of the increase in the government grant will be offset against lower income due to the temporary halving of the statutory tuition fee. We are also expecting more students in 2022. The funds allocated to the UvA from the National Education Programme will also be deployed in 2022 and later years, following a start in 2021.

    Six percent higher expenses

    The UvA has also estimated a 6% increase in its expenses compared to the 2021 budget. Personnel costs account for the largest share of this increase. This is largely due to an increase in staffing levels. Depreciation costs will increase in the coming years as a result of the realisation of the Accommodations Plan. In 2022, scope for investment was also included as a financial boost to help us achieve the ambitions in the Strategic Plan.

    Coalition agreement

    While the UvA's income will increase compared to 2021, this increase will not be sufficient to realise all of the UvA's ambitions for 2022 and beyond. Like all universities, the UvA receives too little money for the quality that it delivers. The coalition agreement includes additional resources for education and research. Much of this will be allocated to the universities. Currently, it is not yet known to what extent and under which conditions (if any) this will be the case. The UvA is preparing to use these resources as soon as possible in order to reduce the pressure on staff and students.