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Accommodation types and rent

For an overview of accommodation types and the monthly rent, please select one of the options below, matching your situation.

I'm staying for a maximum of one year

I'm staying for more than a year

  • International PhD candidates (+/- 4 years)

    Who is eligible

    • International PhD candidates receive assistance with housing for the duration of their research: for most PhDs, this is around 4 years. 
    • PhD candidates affiliated with international universities are also eligible, provided they have received an application for UvA Staff Housing service.

    What is available

    Accommodations reserved for PhD students are part of the Dutch social housing system (this is subsidised housing, comparable to council housing in the UK). The accommodations are:

    • Small and basic: either a studio (around 28-30 square metres) or a private room in shared housing.
    • Located in neighbourhoods across Amsterdam. A commuting time of 30-40 minutes from your home to your work location is common in Amsterdam.
    It may take some time to find long-term accommodation for you

    Long-term housing for PhD students is scarce. Because of this, we may first have to offer you short stay accommodation (for 6-12 months) before we find a home for the remainder of your studies. The prices for short-stay and long-term accommodation are shown below.


      Household Rent (per month)

    Private studio
    (furnished, max. stay 1 year)


    Single/couple from €570 to €800 
    (incl. utilities) 

    Hotel room
    (private bathroom, shared kitchen)


    +/- €800 a month 
    (incl. utilities)


    Long-term accommodation for PhDs

      Household Rent (per month)
    Room in a shared flat, unfurnished Single From €300 and €550  (excl. utilities)
    Private studio, unfurnished Single/couple From €600 and €780  (excl. utilities)
    One-bedroom apartment, unfurnished Couple From €650 and €950  (excl. utilities)
    Family accommodation, unfurnished, 2 bedrooms PhD candidate with child(ren) From €700 and €900  (excl. utilities)

    Family accommodation for PhDs

    One-bedroom apartments and family accommodations are rare. We advise you to look for accommodation on your own because we can’t guarantee that any will be available through UvA Staff Housing at the time your arrive. When considering moving to Amsterdam with your family, we advise you to first come by yourself; it's easier to search for family accommodation once you are in Amsterdam.

  • Postdoctoral researchers, assistant professors and lecturers

    For researchers and guests (postdocs, assistant professors, lecturers etc.) staying more than 1 year, Staff Housing provides accommodations in the private housing sector:

    • These are mostly studios (+/- 32 m2). There are a few 1-bedroom apartments, but not many.
    • They are mostly located on the outskirts of Amsterdam: Ijburg, Amsterdam South-East (Zuidoost) and Diemen.

    Please note: rental agreements with private housing organisations permit a maximum stay of 2 years. As a result, UvA Staff Housing can only provide a housing service for postdoctoral researchers for 2 years. After 2 years, you will need to find accommodation on your own

    Accommodation types and costs

      Household Rent (per month)

    Private studio

    Single/couple From €850 to €1200 (excl. utilities)
    1-bedroom apartment/large studio
    Couple From €850 to €1200 (excl. utilities)

    Family accommodation for postdoctoral researchers

    UvA Staff Housing has no family accommodations for postdoctoral researchers. We will inform you about alternative possibilities for housing after your application for Staff Housing has been submitted. When considering moving to Amsterdam with your family, we advise you to first come by yourself; it's easier to search for family accommodation once you are in Amsterdam.