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Staff members with a UvAnetID can find more information in the A-Z list of their faculty or unit.

Holiday leave

You are entitled to 29 leave days annually if you work fulltime (38 hours per week).

Commuting expenses, working from home allowance and internet allowance

The UvA offers you a compensation for travel-to-work expenses, a working from home allowance and an internet allowance.

The travel-to-work expenses reimbursement is part of the UvA’s Terms of Employment Menu scheme. This scheme allows you to exchange certain terms of employment for other terms. In this case, you exchange gross salary for a tax benefit. This reduces the amount of tax and premiums you pay and results in a higher net salary each month. The UvA determines the level of the travel-to-work expenses reimbursement based on the distance between your home and your work address and the travel days you have submitted. The calculation is based on up to 75 km for a one-way journey. As of 1 January 2024, the allowance per kilometre travelled is €0.12 gross via the Terms of Employment Menu, supplemented by €0.11 net from the terms of employment funds.

The Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities stipulates that employees are eligible for a working from home allowance of €2 net per day and an internet allowance of €25 net per month. Exceptions to the rule are student teaching assistants employed by the UvA (in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement). 

Terms of employment menu

UvA employees may themselves determine part of their own terms of employment or exchange them by choosing the options available in the terms of employment menu. Options include saving for more pension, saving or purchasing more annual leave hours or receiving an allowance for specific purposes, such as a new bicycle.

Parental leave

The UvA offers its staff a paid parental leave scheme. Employees who have children of up to 8 years old can take a period of parental leave during which a large part of their salary will continue to be paid. After taking paid parental leave employees can also opt to take unpaid parental leave.

Partner leave 

From 1 July 2020 on, partners will be able to take a maximum of five weeks of 'additional birth leave' when their child is born, pursuant to the Additional Leave (Introduction) Act (WIEG: Wet Invoering Extra Geboorteverlof). The University of Amsterdam (UvA) has made the conscious decision to pay the entire salary during the birth leave. This means you will receive your full salary (100%) during this additional leave.

Childcare scheme

The Dutch Childcare Act is based on the principle that childcare is the responsibility of parents, employers and the government. You can conclude an agreement with a childcare centre or childcare bureau/agency (gastouderbureau) of your choice, and subsequently submit an application to the Tax and Customs Administration ( Belastingdienst) for a reimbursement. If you are eligible for a reimbursement of childcare costs, you will receive a fixed benefit from the Tax and Customs Administration to cover one-third of the costs (the non-income-based benefit). The Tax and Customs Administration additionally arranges an income-based benefit.

You can find more information on the website of the Dutch tax authorities.

Discounts for employees

UvA staff can get a discount on a wide range of facilities, such as insurances, cultural events and sports.

Social participation

The UvA encourages its staff to take an active role in society. Employees who carry out unpaid activities serving a general public interest, such as a board role or supporting school activities, and who acquire new skills, knowledge, energy and inspiration in the process, can apply for a maximum of five leave days per calendar year for this purpose.

Mortgage for temporary employees

If you have a temporary contract and wish to buy a house, you may have difficulty finding a suitable mortgage. The University of Amsterdam (UvA) has made agreements with the mortgage brokers De Kredieter in Amsterdam in order to help staff find the best possible mortgage. Of course, certain conditions still apply.