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The following construction activities are planned for the coming period at Roeterseiland.

Resumption of work

Construction and demolition activity at buildings B and C stopped during weeks 52 and 1 in connection with the Christmas holiday period. Buildings D and I have now been completed and the relocation is in full swing. CREA will start conducting its programmes in building I as from February, while the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences is to take up residence in building D in January. Building D and a section of building G will house the research and lab activities for this faculty. Construction works at buildings B and C will resume on Monday 9 January. This Building Update provides a brief overview of work planned for the month of January.

Building I (former diamond factory) grounds plan

As a temporary measure, the grounds around building I will be arranged to improve access to the building, with the addition of bicycle racks, a terrace along the canal and planting of trees. On Thursday 15 March there will be a celebration to mark the opening of building I.

Nieuwe Achtergracht footbridge

The bridge was coated with slip-resistant roofing material in December. In the event of extreme winter conditions (ice), the UvA will use salt.

Building A

Building A is almost entirely out of commission at the present time, during which the remainder of the building is being emptied out. The contractor is working with the UvA to develop a plan for the cleanup and demolition. We will keep you informed about further progress and will also post updates on the website.

Buildings B and C

Demolition and site clearance activities scheduled for January will pose less of a nuisance than the heavy demolition activities conducted over recent months, but will still create some noise disturbance. In order to minimise this noise, the contractor will saw and cut rather than chop wherever possible, although chopping will be unavoidable in a number of cases. Temporary sound barriers will be erected where possible. An agreement has been made with the City of Amsterdam to take continuous noise measurements over the next period in order to monitor that the noise does not exceed the applicable standards. If it does, the activities in question may be halted immediately.

The most important work at building B, aside from fitting windows, now consists of erecting the façade on the Sarphatistraat side and installing piles (using the screw method, which minimises noise disturbance) for the foundation of the new bridge span at Nieuwe Achtergracht and the sprinkler pit. Work on the building shell will include casting the reinforcing bars, forming and pouring the concrete. At building C, clearance activities will continue following the demolition in order to make way for the cut out (new bridge over Nieuwe Achtergracht), work on the new foundation will start and the façade will be disassembled.

Along the Valckenierstraat building site, site huts will be erected for Burgers Ergon, which is the company that will be installing systems and equipment at Roeterseiland.

Questions about the construction work?

If you have any questions, please contact Marianne de Wal, Domain Manager of Roeterseiland, on 020 – 525 77 04, or send an email to the Roeterseiland area director at the email link below.

On Monday 16 January we will be holding an informational meeting at the site office, for which invitations were sent out in December. You are very welcome to attend this meeting. For further details, please see the invitation letter in the link below.