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The following construction-related activities will take place at the Roeterseiland Complex in March.

Soil decontamination around the sprinkler pit

Soil decontamination work around the sprinkler pit will commence on Monday, 5 March 2012. The City of Amsterdam has granted a permit to carry out the work. The activities are expected to take around one week and will be carried out under the supervision of an environmental expert in compliance with the applicable regulations. The decontamination work does not pose a health risk. Since this is a routine activity for the workmen, they will wear protective clothing in accordance with the standard safety regulations. In view of the location of the sprinkler pit, soil will be removed via Valckenierstraat.

Placement of a steel structure around the podium

The steel structure around the podium (the area between the construction site office, the CREA building and Building B/C) will be erected on Tuesday, 13 March. The work is expected to take several days. A crane and concrete hollow-core slabs will be delivered on 13 March via Valckenierstraat after 7:00. Depending on the duration of the activities, the crane will either be removed at the end of the day on Tuesday or on Wednesday morning.

General traffic and transport information

More equipment and material will be transported through Valckenierstraat in weeks 10 and 11. The trucks will transport sand, the crane and the concrete hollow-core slabs, which are required for the steel structure. Concrete mixer trucks will also be travelling to the construction site. A road traffic controller will direct all of the construction traffic. If construction traffic is unable to enter the construction site immediately, the truck driver will remain inside the truck to ensure that the road can be accessed by other transport. The vehicle transporting the crane may possibly need to park for a short period of time.

A traffic controller will instruct construction traffic not travelling to the construction site located behind Valckenierstraat but to other locations to drive via Sarphatistraat/Roeterstraat to Gate 2 on Nieuwe Prinsengracht. A traffic controller will also be posted here to help direct construction traffic. We expect considerably less construction traffic around Building 1 – the former Diamond Cutting Factory (Diamantslijperij) - from mid-March since completion of this site is scheduled to coincide with the opening of CREA on 15 March.