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The total number of students currently enrolled at the UvA has increased by 4% this year, from 34,183 to 35,511. The intake of Master’s students has increased slightly, by 2%, with 5,578 students last year rising to 5,716 students this year. There is a drop in the intake of Bachelor’s students and it seems that this can be almost wholly ascribed to an intake restriction introduced for the Bachelor’s in Business Administration of the Faculty of Economics and Business. This year there are 6,459 first-year Bachelor’s students compared to 6,779 last year, a difference of 320 students, or 5%. As a result of the restriction the intake of Business Administration students fell by 439.

EI: First-years Institution (students who have enrolled at the UvA for the first time, excluding ‘switchers’ and pre-Master’s students). EOI First-years Programme Institution (students who have enrolled in a specific programme for the first time, including students who take a Bachelor’s at the UvA).

These are initial figures, as of 7 October 2019. The final figures will be available in February 2020.

The intake restriction for Business Administration has resulted in a sharp drop in first-year Bachelor’s students at the Faculty of Economics and Business. Other faculties have seen an increase in the intake of Bachelor’s students, particularly at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences – from 1,619 to 1,781 (+10%) – and the Faculty of Humanities – from 1,173 to 1,246 (+6%).

The intake of international students at the Bachelor’s level has risen from 1,993 in the previous academic year to 2,118 this year, an increase of 6%. The majority of the new international Bachelor’s students are from the European Union: 1,510. The number of new Dutch Bachelor’s students has fallen by 9%, from 4,786 to 4,341.

Master’s intake

Increases in new Master’s students can be seen primarily at the Faculty of Dentistry (ACTA) – from 61 to 83 (+36%) – and the Faculty of Law – from 681 to 844 (+24%). The intake of Master’s students has fallen in the Faculty of Science – from 1,124 to 1,046 (-7%) – and the Faculty of Humanities – from 1,003 to 954 (-5%).

The number of new international students at the Master’s level has fallen from 1,325 to 1.196 (-10%). Of those 1,196 students, 784 are from the EU. These figures do not include international students who have already completed their Bachelor’s at the UvA.