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More than 800 universities are calling on the European Council to come up with more far-reaching ambitions for European research, innovation and education. The current budget is insufficient, in their view.

European universities cannot agree with the budget that the European Council (European Union heads of state or government) wants to allocate to research, innovation and education in the period 2021-2027. President Charles Michel's recent proposal would cut €5 billion from Horizon Europe, among other things. As a result, part of the research budget of the European universities would be lost, they write.

On behalf of the LERU partnership (of which the University of Amsterdam is a member), Secretary-General Kurt Deketelaere spoke out against the budget proposals. According to him, these are a ‘complete disgrace’ for European research, and not in line with the ambitions previously expressed by the European Union to make European society more digital and climate-friendly.