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Eight talented academics will receive Marie Sklodowska-Curie European Fellowships from the European Commission to conduct research at the UvA, it has been announced.

The fellowships are awarded from the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, which are part of the European Union's research and innovation programme Horizon Europe. The fellowships are intended to stimulate the cross-border mobility of experienced researchers both inside and outside the European Union.

The fellowships are personal grants. All eight of the researchers who will carry out their projects at the UvA have been awarded European Fellowships, which last for two years and for most laureates amount to a budget of around €203,000. 

The recipients

  • Jack Binysh (Institute of Physics) – ANIMODD: Achieving animate properties with nonlinear odd solids
    Supervisor: Corentin Coulais 
  • Ivan Ivanchei (Psychology Research Institute) – REPORT-IT: Self-interpretability of human cognition: How reportable knowledge emerges in learning
    Supervisor: Simon van Gaal 
  • Mateo Leganes (Psychology Research Institute) – ILiAd: Implicit Learning in Addiction
    Supervisor: Reinout Wiers
  • Oladipo Oladiti (Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences) - BIOSTAB-DIFF: Controlling cellular differentiation of industrial enzyme production in Bacillus subtilis
    Supervisor: Leendert Hamoen 
  • Alice Plutino (Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis) - DREAM-Film: Democratising Research and Restoration of Audiovisual Media and Film - Practices and methods to improve the accessibility to restoration and promote competency exchange
    Supervisor: Giovanna Fossati
  • Sandeep San (Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics) – HIMALAYA: The interplay of Himalayan uplift, climate change and plant diversification: A key to conserve one of the world's richest flora
    Supervisor: Carina Hoorn 
  • Gökçe Sanul (Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research) – HL-EXURB: Hybrid Lifestyles of Ex-Urbanites and Their Cultural Impact on Non-Urban Areas
    Supervisor: Jan Rath
  • Hanna Szekeres (Psychology Research Institute) - MGEMPOW: Empower Minority Girls: Paternalism and Psychological Interventions for Promoting Educational Integration and Collective Mobilisation 
    Supervisor: Bertjan Doosje