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Prof. Marieke de Goede
Fotograaf: Jeroen Oerlemans
Dr M. de Goede (1971) has been apppointed Professor of Political Science, with an emphasis on the External Affairs of Europe, at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences of the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

Marieke de Goede's research is about the contemporary European security culture and the role of risk analysis and the use of commercial data in security policy. Here, relations with the US play a major role, as exemplified by the case of the transfer of financial data by the Belgian company Swift to American authorities after 11 September 2001. These seemingly technical developments evoke important questions regarding the contemporary discourse on threat and security, political responsibility for security decisions and shifting public-private authority. Such questions build upon de Goede's earlier work on the cultural and political histories of modern financial markets.

These developments show that the EU's external and internal relations are increasingly difficult to distinguish. Within her research project European Security Culture, for which she received a Vidi grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) in 2009, De Goede will further examine the transnational interconnections between internal and external security, with a focus on the role of preemptive security policies such as asset freezing and combating radicalisation. Within this project, the concept of ‘security culture' will be developed both theoretically and methodologically with insights from the humanities and social sciences. De Goede's teaching will be concentrated within the European Union in a Global Order programme.

Since 2003, De Goede has worked as a lecturer and senior lecturer of European Studies at the Faculty of Humanities of the UvA. Before her appointment at the UvA, she worked for the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (UK), the New School for Social Research in New York (US) and other institutions. She is a member of the Peace & Security committee of the Advisory Council for International Affairs and a board member of the Dr Catherine van Tussenbroek Fund, which offers financial assistance to women starting their academic careers. De Goede is a member of the editorial committees of Society & Space and Journal of Cultural Economy. She has written many peer-reviewed articles and published three books, including Virtue, Fortune and Faith: a Genealogy of Finance (University of Minnesota Press, 2005).