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Dr N. van Dijk (1977) has been appointed professor of Medical Education and Training, specialising in the application of scientific findings in General Practitioner training, at the University of Amsterdam’s Faculty of Medicine (AMC-UvA).

Prof Nynke van Dijk
Photo: Dirk Gillissen

Nynke van Dijk carries out both clinical and applied educational research into methods aimed at improving the quality of GP training and the use of evidence-based medicine in GP practices. She and her team do this by studying how trainee and experienced GPs come to make behavioural changes in their practice. One of the aspects she focuses on is how GP instructors serve as role models and convey new insights to their trainees. She also investigates the way in which various groups of trainees absorb new information and whether the patients they see can be selected in a more targeted manner to teach them how to deal with specific patient groups. Van Dijk is also evaluating how new education methods such as blended and team-based learning and certain testing techniques might shape the behaviour of aspiring and existing GPs in practice.

In her role as lecturer, she is charged with coordinating the honours programme and the Master's programme in Medicine. Van Dijk is also a member of the curriculum committee of the new Bachelor's programme in Medicine. She teaches evidence-based medicine to students, trainee doctors and instructors in the GP training programme. In addition, she is a member of the Management Team and assessment coordinator in the GP training programme, which involves co-developing national policy and integrating it into the local training practice.

Van Dijk is a physician-clinical epidemiologist and education expert at UvA-AMC, as well as a staff member of the General Medical Practice/GP training programme and principal investigator of the 'education and training quality' research group. She obtained a variety of subsidies, including from the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development, and is treasurer and member of the Executive Board of the Netherlands Association for Medical Education.