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Professor K.J.P.F.M. Jeurgens (1960) has been appointed professor of Archival Science at the University of Amsterdam’s (UvA) Faculty of Humanities. He succeeds Prof. Theo Thomassen, who will be retiring. Alongside his professorship, Juergens will continue to serve as an adviser to the Dutch National Archives.

Prof Charles Jeurgens
Credits: Dirk Gillissen

Charles Jeurgens' teaching and research activities span the full breadth of archival science. He is particularly interested in archival practice in a changing virtual information society, the impact of virtualisation on existing archival institutions and jobs in archiving, the valuation and selection of archives and the creation of archives as the subject of historical research. In 2005, Jeurgens advocated that the current relationship between historical studies and archival science should be redefined. As a part of this effort, he introduced the concept of 'historical archival science' in order to offer archival scientists insight into the processes through which information recorded in archives is gathered. He applied this perspective in a subsequent study on the archival process under colonial rule, the results of which are featured in publications such as Colonial Legacy in South East Asia: The Dutch Archives from 2012. Jeurgens' research on the valuation and selection of both paper and digital archives has contributed to new theoretical insights and the design of innovative models, methods and procedures.

As a part of his professorship at the UvA, Jeurgens will work to continue, develop and promote archival science research within the Faculty of Humanities and other national and international research programmes and networks. He will also be teaching students enrolled at programmes such as the Bachelor's in Media and Information and the Cultural Information Science and Archival Science programmes offered as a part of the Heritage Studies Master's programme. One of his key ambitions is to strengthen the link between education and research and the developments and issues in the area of information and archiving within government bodies, businesses and communities. In addition to offering new possibilities for the creation and use of archives, new developments in areas such as big data, digital humanities and e-discovery also raise questions for the archival sector and the field of archival studies and research.

Jeurgens has occupied a part-time professorship in Archival Studies at Leiden University since 2004. He also serves as a scientific/specialist adviser to the Dutch National Archives. Jeurgens holds various advisory and board positions as well. For example, he serves as a member of the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies's research committee and as board member of the Royal Netherlands Historical Society, and collaborates intensively with the National Indonesian Archives and National Surinam Archives. He also previously worked as a lecturer and coordinator at the UvA's Master's programme in Archival Science from 2012 to 2014. Jeurgens was trained as a historian at Leiden University where he obtained his doctorate in 1991. He obtained the Archival Science A degree certificate at the Archiefschool in 1992.