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Dr A.M. Onderstal (1973) has been appointed professor of Strategy and Markets at the University of Amsterdam's (UvA) Faculty of Economics and Business.

Onderstal, Sander

Sander Onderstal’s research focuses primarily on the design of allocation mechanisms, including auctions, procurement, fund-raising and waiting lists. He develops game theory models to analyse such mechanisms and tests those on the basis of field and laboratory experiments.

Onderstal will continue his current line of research in his new role. In the years ahead, he will also commit himself to research activities made possible by the Horizon 2020 grant for ‘Improving Sustainability in Food Processing using Moderate Electric Fields for Process Intensification and Smart Processing’ (MEFPROC), which was secured just recently. In his teaching role, Onderstal will focus on the strategic decisions that companies make in markets.

About Sander Onderstal

Onderstal has been affiliated with the UvA’s Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) since 2004, where he has been employed in the capacity of associate professor since 2010. He has been the director of the Honours programme of the Faculty of Economics and Business since 2013. Onderstal is also a research fellow at the Tinbergen Institute. Amongst other positions, he has previously been an economist for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and a researcher for the CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis.

Articles by Onderstal are published in national and international academic journals on a regular basis. In recent years, he has also written a textbook (Economics of Organizations and Markets (2014, Pearson)) and advised the Ministry of Economics Affairs and others on the design of auctions.