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Dr N. De Vries (1960) has been appointed professor of Rheumatology, specialising in the immunopathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases, at the University of Amsterdam’s Faculty of Medicine (AMC-UvA).

Prof Niek de Vries
Credits: Dirk Gillissen

Niek de Vries heads a research team that develops new techniques with which to map so-called adaptive immune responses. These responses play a key role in many autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, myositis and vasculitis. They also play an important role in, for example, drug reactions and vaccinations.

As professor, De Vries will focus on gaining greater insights into the immunological and pathological processes that occur during both the preclinical and clinical phases of the aforesaid diseases, rheumatoid arthritis in particular. His research also has a translational dimension whereby applications in a clinical setting – in the area of diagnosis, prognosis and the treatment of these diseases – are aimed at from the outset

About Niek de Vries

De Vries has worked as a rheumatologist at Amsterdam AMC (location AMC) since 2002. In 2011 he was appointed program director of Rheumatology at the AMC, in 2013 assistant professor within the AMC ‘Teach the teacher’ programme, and in 2018 a member of the council of the Dutch Society for Rheumatology (NVR). He has also been coordinator of Genetics Network Rheumatology Amsterdam (GENRA) since 2006, principal investigator at the AMC since 2011, and advisory board member of the scientific council of Reade since 2016. In addition, De Vries is a member of the Executive Board of the Amsterdam Rheumatology and Immunology Center (ARC), a collaborative partnership between the rheumatology departments of AMC, Reade and VUmc.