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Dr Chris Kuiper (1961) has been appointed professor by special appointment of Intergenerational Transmission of Risk and Protective Factors in the Upbringing of Juveniles at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences of the University of Amsterdam with effect from 1 January. The chair was established on behalf of the iHUB Foundation.

Chris Kuiper

In his practice-oriented research, Kuiper focuses on reducing behavioural problems in young people, with a particular focus on orthopedagogical interventions from the perspective of care innovation.

As an UvA professor, Kuiper will focus on promoting direction and resilience in parents and children. He will do this by identifying protective and risk factors, as well as the mechanisms that underlie intergenerational continuity (or lack of it) in the transmission of problems. In addition, he will focus on designing interventions and transforming the type of care on offer, as well as the organisation of care for families where problems are inadvertently passed on from generation to generation.

About Chris Kuiper
Kuiper is quality and research manager and research programme leader at iHUB, a platform that works together with societal organisations to find solutions to various social issues. He is also lecturer in Transformations in Care of Juveniles at the University of Applied Sciences Leiden. Previously, he was a board member at Horizon Youth Care and Education and a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam. Kuiper started his career as an occupational therapist.

He is (co-)author of over a hundred publications (scientific and non-scientific, national and international), including twelve books and various book chapters such as: Uithuisgeplaatste jeugdigen: Sleutels tot succes in behandeling en onderwijs (Out-of-home placed Juveniles: Keys to success in treatment and education) (SWP Publishers, Amsterdam, 2020) and Evidence-based practice voor paramedici - Gezamenlijke, geïnformeerde besluitvorming (Evidence-based practice for allied health professionals - Shared, informed decision-making) (Boom, 2020).

Kuiper is a member of the supervisory board of the Centrum Consultatie en Expertise and chairman of the supervisory board of Koers VO, a large partnership of groups working towards inclusive education. He is figurehead of the regional knowledge and learning community ‘Jeugd Samen Verder’ (Young People Further Together) and initiator of the programmes Kwetsbare Gezinnen and Innoveren en Leren (Vulnerable Families and Innovation and Learning).