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Return to campus

We’re starting up again step by step. The following phases and protocols will serve as a guide as we slowly start implementing education and research activities on campus.

Working and studying safely on campus

Are you visiting one of the campusses? Make sure you follow the guidelines. Keep a safe distance, wash your hands regularly and follow the routing.

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Corona instructions English

The steps in this infographic will be updated if there are any changes to the meaures and guidelines issued by the RIVM or the government. Please note: These guidelines do not include the ACTA and AMC-UvA (Faculties of Dentistry and Medicine). They have different guidelines in place.

  • Full text infographic Return to campus
    • Work and study from home as much as possible
    • Use public transport as little as possible
    • Take the stairs if you can
    • Follow instructions, walking routes and hygiene regulations

    From 8 June

    • Student organisations back on campus at CREA

    From 15 June

    • On-campus education allowed to a limited extent
    • Research activities to be expanded with caution
    • Meeting spaces available (reservation only)

    From 1 July

    • All UvA buildings open (occupancy limits remain in effect)
    • Information about semester 1 available by 1 July (check your programme page for update)
    • USC open

    From 5 August

    • Face mask mandatory in parts of Amsterdam (check for exact locations)

    From 24 August

    • Limited use of buildings for programme introduction activities

    From 31 August

    • Timetables for the start of the academic year will be available no later than 31 August
    • Start of academic year
    • Start of online lectures, and where possible, on-campus education
    • Expansion of opening hours for several buildings (occupancy limits remain in effect)

    From 28 September

    • Evaluation of initial on-campus activities
    • Decision about next stepts in regards to on-campus activities

    Last edit: 14 August. Each of the measures can only be implemented if the coronavirus remains under control. This overview will be updated if there are any changes to the measures and guidelines issued by the RIVM of the government.