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The University of Amsterdam is shocked by, and condemns, the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Our thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected by this terrible war and we wish to provide assistance wherever we can. We are in close contact with students and staff from the region who are working and studying here. It has been decided to freeze all ongoing collaborations with Russian (academic) institutions, and new agreements will not be entered into.

This page was last updated 15 May 2023.

Questions about financial matters
  • In which way can Ukrainian students receive financial assistance or relief?

    A reduced tuition fee

    The tuition fee for certain students affected by the war in Ukraine which enrolled in 2022/2023 has been reduced to equal the statutory tuition fee rate instead of the higher institutional tuition fee.
    The Executive Board has decided to continue the reduction to the statutory rate for the incumbent students covered by this exception for the nominal duration plus 1 year in case of continuous enrolment.

    Please note: Students who are enrolled in a new programme from 2023/2024 onwards, will pay the higher institutional tuition fee. This also applies for students who are enrolled at the UvA, and who will start a new programme upcoming academic year (for example, by starting a Master’s programme).

    Other useful information and help

    Request a payment arrangement
    If you have difficulties paying your tuition fees the payment arrangement might help. Request the payment arrangement.

    Having problems paying rent?
    In emergency situations, students can always turn to a student counsellor. Together you will examine what help can be offered. 

    Work and income for refugees from Ukraine
    Adults and children get €260 per person per month: €205 for food and €55 for clothing and other personal items. Find more information on 

    Student counsellors
    For short or emergency questions, you can call a student counselor from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 10:00 at +31 (0)20 525 9297.

  • Besides help for Ukranian students, why are you also helping Russian and Belarusian students?

    We feel a responsibility towards all our students. In addition to students from Ukraine, students from Russia and Belarus can therefore also apply to the fund. They form part of our academic community and are not held personally responsible for the Russian invasion. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has explicitly asked universities to do this. That is why we are currently providing emergency aid to any of our students who need it, regardless of their background.

Questions about visa, residence and arriving in Amsterdam
Questions about studying at UvA
  • I am afraid the crisis will affect my study progress, what can I do?

    Students coming from Ukraine and Russia and those with family or friends in the region are very concerned. This offcourse can affect your study progress. The UvA’s Teaching and Examinations Regulations and the Profiling Fund Regulations contain provisions in which (special) personal circumstances are or can be taken into account.

    If necessary, students will be approached to discuss this with their study adviser and/or to share their personal circumstances with a student counsellor.

  • I am a refugee student from Ukraine and would like to study at the UvA. What are the options?

    The Dutch government is examining how refugee Ukrainian students can be given a place in higher education here in the Netherlands. As soon as more information about the possibilities at the UvA is available, we will communicate this here. 

    To apply for one of our English-taught programmes you will first need to check the entry requirements and the application deadline on the programme’s website and follow the application steps.

    Unable to provide documentation?

    If you are unable to provide documentation please provide us with a ION (Indication of level of previous education) and add all the information and documents you do have. This ION can be obtained via IDW-Nuffic. Please note that an interview and/or topic specific tests can be part of the admissions process. If you encounter difficulties with obtaining an English language score report, please contact the admissions office.

  • Will exchange programmes with Russian institutions continue in 2022/2023?

    A decision has already been made to freeze all collaborations with Russian institutions. As a result, the student exchanges with institutes from Russia cannot take place for the first semester of 2022/2023.

  • Can I use study places in the University Library as a refugee student?

    Student refugees will receive a library card free of charge if they show their passport or identity card at the library desk. This gives them unlimited access to the locations as well as access to wifi/internet. Student refugees who have reported to Student Services with the request to register as a student will receive a library card as soon as the request is submitted. This means that the student will not have to wait for the outcome of the registration and enrolment procedure.

Questions about health and safety
Questions about traveling
Offer help to others