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AUV Thesis Prize in European Studies

Annual award for best Master Thesis ES

The European Studies Thesis Prize was inaugurated in 1985 by the European Cultural Foundation and has been continued by Amsterdamse Universiteits-Vereniging (AUV) since 2006. Theses awarded with a 8,5 grade or higher are automatically entered.

About the AUV Thesis Prize

With the Thesis Prizes European Studies continues in a tradition initiated in 1985 by European Cultural Foundation and continued in 2006 by the Amsterdamse Universiteits-Vereniging (AUV).

A generous gift from an anonymous benefactor within the academic community ensures the continuation of the prize for the forseeable future.

The prize is awarded annualy. Candidates are nominated by their teachers. All theses awarded with an 8,5 grade or higher in the previous calender year are automatically entered. The jury consists of a committee of European Studies teachers. 

Amsterdam University Association - Alumni

Prize Money (AUF)

The AUV Thesis Prize includes prize money. The amount is allocated annually. The prize money is managed by the Amsterdams Universiteitsfonds (AUF) through the Fonds Europese studies. Financial support for the annual thesis prize is entirely in accordance with the aims of the AUF. 

Amsterdam University Fund - AUF

Previous winning theses


Marije Elise Charlotte Notenboom - Nauwere Samenwerking in de Europese Unie: Een analyse van de functionaliteit en politieke wenselijkheid van artikel 20 EU-Verdrag'. ('Enhanced cooperation in the European Union: an analysis of the functionality and political desirability of article 20 of the Treaty on European Union.')


Nicholas Bell - A Canary in the Mine? Emerging South Wales Identity in 1980s Community Film.
MA thesis Nicholas Bell


Anna Serraris - De EU en China in Afrika: normverandering in het buitenlands beleid.(EU and China in Africa: shifting norms in foreign policy) 
MA thesis (in Dutch) Anna Serraris


Marcela Rilović - Srebrenica: The Conceptualisation, Collectivisation and Abstraction of a Traumatic Memory. Representations of Srebrenica in Bosnian Memory 1995-2011.
MA thesis Marcela Rilović


Eleni Kanava (cum laude) - Biometrics and the Digital Borders of the EU. Where is Europe heading?
MA thesis Eleni Kanava


Stéphanie Kneppers - Gazprom, het Kremlin en de Europese energieveiligheid.
(Gazprom, the Kremlin and European energy sustainability)
MA thesis (in Dutch) Stéphanie Kneppers


Barbara Klen - The Illyrian movement and the construction of the South Slav-Croatian identity The study of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction of South Slav-Croatian identity based on the literary works of Vraz, Preradović and Mažuranić
MA thesis Barbara Klen


Marlène van der Klaauw – The European arrest warrant and the abolition of the double criminalit principle: progress or peril?


Irene C.A. ter Stege - Plea bargaining in Europa: een rechtsvergelijkend onderzoek naar plea bargaining in Frankrijk en Italië, alsmede de implicaties ervan voor Nederland (Plea bargaining in Europe: a comparative investigation into plea bargaining in France and Italy, and the implications for the Netherlands)
Published (in  Dutch) by Wolf Productions, ISBN 9789058504395


Mehmet Kutluay Karabalik - Application of National Identity Formation Theories to European Identity:  A Comparative Historical Critique