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Bachelor's Day: 12 October 2019

Discover which Bachelor’s programme is the right fit

Come to the next UvA Bachelor’s Day on Saturday, 12 October 2019 to learn more about the UvA and explore which Bachelor’s programme is right for you.

Three reasons to join the Bachelor’s Day:

  1. Get all your programme information in one go.
  2. Hear from current students about their experiences – they were in your shoes not too long ago and can give you helpful tips.
  3. By the end of the day, you’ll know which programmes best suits you.



For questions about registration, see our FAQs below.

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What can you expect during the Bachelor's Day?

During the Bachelor’s Day you can attend programme information sessions, information fairs and join a campus tour.

  • Programme information sessions
    • The programme information sessions take around 45 minutes. You need register to attend these sessions. There is a 30-minute break between each session, and they take place between 10:00 and 16:15, and will be at various locations throughout the city.
    • Hear from lecturers about the programme in a presentation or a mini-lecture. Find out more about what this field is about and what it will be like to study this topic.
    • You’ll get information about the structure of the programme, what courses you’ll get and what your career options are after completing the degree.
    • Students will also share their experiences and provide some tips – what’s great about this programme, what can be difficult, how many hours a week you’ll spend on assignments and lectures, how to approach your studies etc.
    • This is your opportunity to ask any questions you might have – our students and staff are happy to answer them.
  • International student session: ‘Studying at the UvA’

    Join us for an information session about studying at the UvA as an international student. One of our admissions officers will share general information about the UvA and about practical matters such as living expenses, housing and admissions. You will also hear personal experiences from current international students and have a chance to ask them questions.

  • Information fairs
    • Each location has an information fair where you can find programme booths. Check the programme overview to see at which fair each programme has its booth.
    • Chat with students, staff and study advisers. You can even take a look at some of the study books you’ll need.
    • Find practical information about application, admissions, living in Amsterdam, tuition fees, facilities, and help for students with a disability.
  • Campus tours

    Each campus offers the opportunity to join a campus tour. It’s a great chance to get a feel for what your future campus is like. Current students will show you around the facilities, lecture rooms, study spots and more. Just drop by the information fair and sign up for a tour there.

See practical information for your visit to the Bachelor's Day

FAQs about registration

  • The session I would like to join is fully booked. Is there another way for me to attend this session?

    If a programme information session is fully booked, it will not be possible to join that session. You can, however, visit that programme’s booth at the information fair between 9:30 and 16:00. If you’d like to be informed about additional activities for this programme, you can select the fully-booked session on the registration form and we’ll email you about future activities that are organised by this programme.

  • One of the sessions I registered for is missing from my confirmation email. Can I still attend this session?

    If the session is not listed in your confirmation email, it is likely that this session was already fully booked at the time you registered (the registration form will indicate when a session is full). You can check the registration form to see if any places are still available. If so, please re-register for this session. If there are no places, unfortunately you will not be able to register for the session. However, you are welcome to visit the booth for this programme at the information fair between 9:30 and 16:00.