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Ken (Malaysia)

Meet our international student ambassador

Ken, from Malaysia, is a Bachelor’s student in Communication Science.

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Jern Ken

About Ken

Country: Malaysia
Study programme: Communication Science
Programme type: Bachelor of Science

Why UvA?

I was studying physiotherapy but decided to switch to another programme. I have had prior working experience in the field of communications and found the English Bachelor’s programme in Communication Science. I was convinced to apply by the UvA’s high standing for Communication Science (it is currently ranked as top two in the world).

Living in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city with an open culture. People are free to be themselves and respected for their individual identity. The natural mutual respect is something I definitely appreciate.

Coming from Malaysia where people are pampered with an incredible range of cuisine, it took me a while to get used to the fact that Amsterdam does not have as many affordable food choices and restaurants opening hours are much more limited.

Studying at the UvA

University support for international students is growing each year. The good thing is that student’s feedback is taken seriously and the people at the university are dedicated to  providing a better education experience for all.

The UvA is a very research intensive university. Students are equipped with the tools to do research but also have the freedom to decide how they utilize these tools.

Dutch culture: birthdays

I remember succinctly that on my first birthday in Amsterdam, I was supposed to be the one bringing the cake to class! In Dutch culture, the birthday person treats everyone else, instead of the other way around.