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Laura (Romania)

Meet our international student ambassador

Laura, from Romania, is a Bachelor’s student in Media and Information.

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Laura Githoi

About Laura

Country: Romania
Study programme: Media and Information
Programme type: Bachelor’s

Why UvA?

Studying in the Netherlands was an option for me thanks to the decent fees that apply to EU citizens. I also knew I wanted to study in the capital city because of the many advantages: a broader job market, increased diversity in cultural opportunities and a great connection with other cities and countries.

However, what truly convinced me was the University. The high rankings of the Media faculty and programmes validated my choice. I think it was the best one I could have made for this time and place in my life.

Living in Amsterdam

There is always something exciting to do, from open museum days to concerts, Instameets or conferences. So, for me, living in Amsterdam means that I get to live a very cultural life which brings me a lot of pleasure. However, finding a place to live is a tough challenge.

Arriving in Amsterdam

I took advantage of the University’s pick-up service and the START appointment and I can say that they saved me a lot of energy and nerves. Coming to an unknown country and not having to deal straight away with finding the right bus, searching for the correct campus or registering at the municipality was absolutely amazing.

Tips for new students

  1. Register on Studentenwoningweb for higher chances of getting housing after the first year.
  2. Sign up to get a personal OV Chipkaart (Dutch public transport card). It is a great investment and it will help you track all your trips, while also guaranteeing that if you lose it or it gets stolen, the money you had on it will be reimbursed to you.
  3. If you are a museum lover and you plan to discover more of the Netherlands' culture, a Museum Card is a great purchase which will end up saving you lots of money.