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Maria (Italy, France, Argentina)

Maria, from Italy, France and Argentina, is a Bachelor's student in Media and Information.

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Student Ambassador Maria

About Maria

Country: Italy, France and Argentinia
Study programme: Media and Information
Programme type: Bachelor of Arts

Why UvA?

I decided to study abroad because I traveled a lot during my childhood and I loved it. My goal was to experience something new far from my family and previous friends. To make me grow better as a person and become my own individual.

I chose University of Amsterdam because it is the number one worldwide in media and communication. Moreover as an EU student, the tuition fees are very low compared to UK or USA, and I can visit my family very often since Italy is not very far.

Studying at the UvA

UvA is a great university, it not only takes care of you as a student but also as an individual. For students who are coming from abroad, UvA will feel like a second home. However, the workload is heavy, and you have to make sure you will dedicate your full time to your studies.

Compared to Italian or French universities, UvA requires students to do more work. But at the same time it is really inclusive and you are surrounded by international students who are just like you, which is something you cannot find in Italy or France. There are also more events connected with the international student associations than I could find back home.

Arriving in Amsterdam

I used the UvA pick-up service as well as the START appointment and Introduction Week. The pick-up service was really helpful to me, because arriving at the airport completely by myself with three suitcases was not easy. It was really reassuring to know I would be taken care of. And from a practical perspective, being able to get my keys, register at the municipality and being dropped at my new student accommodation was very helpful.

The Introduction Week was a really fun experience, it allowed me to meet students from my course and to ask my mentors questions about my future classes. It was simply a nice week of fun introducing me to my future classmates, the university, and the city of Amsterdam thanks to the multiple activities.

Tips for students

My main recommendation for future students would be simply to make sure that they are motivated to study regularly every day to stay on track. If you don’t, the first year will be filled with unnecessary stress.