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Nihal (India)

Nihal, from India, is a Bachelor's student in Communication Science.

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Portrait of student ambassador Nihal

About Nihal

Country: India
Study programme: Communication Science
Programme type: Bachelor of Science

Why UvA?

I choose the UvA because it was ranked the highest for my field of study (Communication Science). In Amsterdam you feel a sense of freedom, you have the ability to do a lot of fun things.

Studying at the UvA

The atmosphere in class is very relaxed and you will find teachers who are very experienced in the field that they are teaching. There is no barrier between students and teachers. They will answer any questions you have for them.

At UvA you don't feel a sense of competition with other students. It's more like finding your own personal motivation to do better in order to secure opportunities like the exchange programme. UvA is also quite a liberal university and is accepting of all types of students.

You have the ability to join and take part in the activities of several associations. You have study associations that are related to your course and you also have sports associations. As a student, you can use go to their events and meet a lot of different people.

Tips for students

When it comes to studies you will realise that you are going to have a lot of self-study time. Rather than just use this time to party, really plan out some study time as its going to be important in the long run. However, do look forward to great nights out when you come here.