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Sally (UK)

Meet our international student ambassador

Sally, from the UK, is a second-year Bachelor’s student in European Studies.

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Sally Dixon

About Sally

Country: UK
Study programme: European Studies
Programme type: Bachelor’s

Why UvA?

The main reason I decided to study at the UvA was because it has very high-quality courses in an international environment. I also appreciate that UvA is an internationally excellent university, ranked within the top 15 in Europe.

I chose Amsterdam because I love the city, which is vibrant and creative. The city is well located in Europe and travelling back to the UK is just a short flight.

Studying at the UvA

The UvA is a great university with a real sense of community. There is a collaborative approach, with constant opportunities for students to give their opinion and feedback on the study programmes and more.

There is also a lot of flexibility when choosing how to build your degree programme and I have had the opportunity to take extra credits from outside my main studies.

One of the differences between the UvA and my previous university is the length of each term. In the UK there are longer holidays and generally you have around five months of free time. In the Netherlands, it’s around half that time. This wasn’t a problem for me, but it’s worth knowing!

Arriving in Amsterdam

When I arrived in Amsterdam I made use of the START appointment through the university which helped me with practical issues such as opening a bank account and registering at my local municipality.

I also took part in an Introduction week called Intreeweek which organizes many cultural and sporting events. The week was great as it introduced me to lots of new students studying throughout the university.

Tips for new students

  1. My first tip for new students would be to get a bike quickly as you’ll need it!
  2. I also recommend getting involved in a student society, be it your study subject or an alternative.
  3. There are also a lot of rewarding volunteering opportunities available in the city which are worth checking out.