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International Staff Week - 18-22 September 2023

brought to you by the University of Edinburgh and the University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam and University of Edinburgh are proud to present the International Staff Week ‘The dynamic world of study abroad’, which provides participants with the unique opportunity to visit two universities in two countries in one week.

The dynamic world of study abroad

The 2023 theme of the joint international staff week celebrates the dynamic world of study abroad. International offices need to adapt their support services for students to align with the changing technological, environmental, and cultural contexts. As our student communities are becoming increasingly more global and diverse, with study abroad ambitions reaching far beyond our European borders, staff and students are navigating the complex environmental impact of study abroad. The integration of technology into academic learning has provided new sustainable avenues for students to connect and learn. Understanding how students use these new technologies is essential in accommodating their need to study abroad.

  • How to build an International Office that supports students both today and tomorrow

    International offices have supported the education and mobility of students for decades. In a world of increasing diversity and rapidly evolving events, the outlook, priorities and support our students require has changed significantly and will continue to do so. It is imperative that we adapt the support we provide to align with the changing technological, environmental and cultural context as well as providing guidance to help students meet the demands of the job market.

    For current cohorts, ‘employability’ is a significant focus, with many students using their university experience to build an extensive resume which enables them to find work for which they are passionate. The world changes quickly though and our students with it. Five years from now the support students require and the methods which we use to deliver it could look very different. The last few decades have brought significant social and political change, with new outlooks on globalization, sustainability, and world issues. The integration of technology into everyday life and academic learning has provided new avenues for students to learn, connect and be supported. Our students increasingly found themselves online throughout the pandemic, they are highly familiar with the many technologies which enable them to interact with their teachers and fellow students. Understanding how important technology is to our students, as well as the way in which they use it and view it, is vital to preparing our international offices to accommodate their needs. Using the insights gained through past methods, we can enhance the support we provide to meet present and future challenges to deliver a more adaptive student experience.

University of Edinburgh

What to expect

The 2023 International Staff Week (ISW) hosted by the University of Amsterdam and the University of Edinburgh, aims to revolutionise international offices by providing innovative solutions for the dynamic world of study abroad. Participating in our fun and inspiring training week will invite you to leave your comfort zone, discover new mechanisms of student support, and help you navigate some of the modern challenges of student mobility. Our goal: to empower professional services staff working in the field of study abroad.


Structure of the International Staff Week

Starting in Edinburgh, UK, and proceeding midweek to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the delegates will be immersed in an interactive learning environment enabling them to:

  • Attend workshops and seminars on topics such as international partnerships and collaborations, intercultural communication, and the role of international offices in designing study abroad programmes.
  • Panel discussions featuring staff and faculty from different universities and countries sharing their experiences and insights on international collaboration and student mobility.
  • Networking events and cultural activities that provide opportunities for staff from different universities and countries to connect and build relationships.

To get an idea about the structure of the International Staff Week 2023, please view the preliminary programme:

University of Amsterdam - photo: Monique Kooijmans


The costs to participate in the International Staff Week are €375. This includes participation in the programme, lunch throughout the week, except the Wednesday, and two evening dinners. Hotel costs and airfare are not included.

We are pleased to offer a tuition waiver to participants of U21 and LERU partner institutions.



Registration and deadline

  • The staff training week is open to all junior and senior staff members of our partner and prospective partner universities who work in the field of internationalisation and student experiences.
  • Unfortunately, we do not have enough capacity to accept those who work in other areas.
  • A maximum of 2 participants per university will be considered to ensure diversity of the group.
  • Attendance for the full programme is required.
  • If we receive more applications than spaces available, the University of Amsterdam and the University of Edinburgh will undertake a selection process and will ensure that the selected representatives are the best match for our staff week theme.
  • Registration was open from 1 March to 20 April 2023, 23:59 CET.
  • Confirmation of selected and non-selected delegates will be sent by email the first week of May 2023.

Registration for the ISW 2023 is now closed.

FAQ International Staff Week 2023

This FAQ was based on questions that came up during the online International Staff Week Q&A information session, on Tuesday 7 March 2023. If you still have questions after consulting the information below, please contact us at

Registration, selection process and deadlines
Further questions