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Exchange agreements

If you are enrolled in a degree programme at another university and wish to study at the University of Amsterdam for a limited period of time - a semester or one academic year - you can come as an exchange student. Exchange students remain registered at their home university and attend the UvA either through an exchange programme such as Erasmus, Tempus, or ISEP, or through a bilateral exchange between the home university and the UvA.

Tuition fees 

Exchange students pay tuition fees to their home university and not to the University of Amsterdam. You can contact either the Study Abroad Office at your home university or the department of International Student Affairs at the UvA for information on these bilateral agreements.

No-bilateral agreements

Please note that for certain fields of study there are additional exchange agreements at the faculty level. These agreements are not included in the list of bilateral agreements. Contact the International Office of the UvA faculty in question to find out more about these agreements. Their contact details can be found under the individual course descriptions, under Courses.

One faculty

In principle, exchange students can only take courses at one faculty.


The UvA does not provide scholarships for exchange students. In some cases you can receive a scholarship from your home university or from a government agency in your home country. You can enquire about these opportunities at the international office of your university.

Class size limits and priority of enrolment

Courses normally have 15 to 20 participants. If a course attracts more students than there are places, students enrolled in the UvA degree programme offering the course will be given priority above other UvA students, independent certificate students and exchange students, unless otherwise stated in the course descriptions.


Exchange students are non-degree students. Therefore they do not receive an academic degree or diploma from the UvA for courses completed while they held exchange student status. At the end of the exchange an official transcript indicating the courses taken and credits earned will be issued. These credits should be transferable to their home university. The study period at the UvA thus officially counts towards the degree of their study programme at their home university, which is why they pay tuition fees to their home university.