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Get in Touch!

Official UvA Introduction for new (pre)Master’s students on 22 and 23 August 2023

Are you planning to start your (pre)Master’s at the UvA in the upcoming academic year? Get in Touch! On this page, you can take a look at the introduction programme that took place in August 2022 (with dates already adjusted to 2023). Updates for the next Masters' Introduction will be added in the spring and summer of 2023.


Get in Touch 2023 takes place on Tuesday, 22 and Wednesday, 23 August.


Get to know the city of Amsterdam, the university and last but certainly not least, your fellow students. This two-day event is the UvA’s official Master’s Introduction, organised to connect students from all faculties.

Invitation, registration and tickets

From mid-July onward, we start sending out invitations. If you are a new student at the UvA, you receive yours via e-mail after you have been conditionally admitted to your (pre)Master's programme. This e-mail will include your personal registration link and the programme of the introduction.


Check out this great programme we put together for you!

An official welcome

Make sure to start off with this official opening at the RAI theatre

Tuesday morning, 22 August 2023:

  • Meet your fellow students and be welcomed by Prof. Dr. Agneta Fischer, dean at the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences.
  • Actively join our talk show, in which (international) students together with our experts, discuss topics like sense of belonging, social safety, and the undiscovered areas of Amsterdam.
  • Choose to let go and be surprised by a festive start of the introduction!

Events throughout the city

Enjoy this introduction by doing what you like, alone or together with your group.

Tuesday afternoon, 22 August 2023:

  • See the city from a unique perspective and discover Amsterdam by boat!
  • Walk one of our prepared tours and complete a fun challenge to win a prize you do not want to miss!

Wednesday morning and afternoon, 23 August 2023:

Grand Finale Festival

The final event at which to use all your senses!

Wednesday evening, 23 August 2023:

  • Discover this exciting place in Amsterdam North, with an impressive view over the center of the city
  • Have a drink and take time to chat with your new friends
  • Enjoy a delicious (vegan) meal from one of the food trucks
  • Dance with our DJ who plays music to suit every taste and welcome your new academic year!

Get in Touch App

A lot of digital content will be available to you in our app. It will help you to get to know the university, as well as Amsterdam itself! From tips about where best to hang out, to find the most amazing art or where to head for a drink, to information about the facilities of the UvA, such as the library and study places.

Faculty introduction day(s)

In addition to Get in Touch, your faculty organises a mandatory introduction. It focuses on practical study information, and is a great opportunity to meet your fellow students, staff and teachers of your faculty.

You will receive an invitation for this particular faculty introduction from your own study programme.


If you have any questions about Get in Touch, UvA’s general introduction, you can e-mail us at

For questions about the programme of the faculty’s introduction, contact your education desk via the contact details on their programme page.

  • General terms & conditions for participants at UvA Get In Touch

    Article 1 – General provisions

    1.1. General terms and conditions are the terms and conditions that apply to admission to and participation in the events organized by the University of Amsterdam for Get In Touch which are open and accessible to participants.
    1.2. The University of Amsterdam is defined in these terms and conditions as the employees of Student Services of the University of Amsterdam who organise Get In Touch.
    1.3. A Get In Touch participant is defined in these terms and conditions as any student or prospective student on a degree programme at the University of Amsterdam who has registered as a Get In Touch participant.
    1.4. An event is defined in these terms and conditions as any activity organised by the University of Amsterdam that is open and accessible to Get In Touch participants.
    1.5. Registration fees cannot be refunded after August 10th, 2021, two weeks prior to Get In Touch, regardless of the circumstances.

    Article 2 – Admission

    2.1. E-tickets or any other types of entry ticket are non-refundable.
    2.2. Get In Touch participants may be granted admission to events on presentation of their e-ticket, supplied  by the University of Amsterdam.
    2.3. If an event for Get In Touch participants does not take place, Get In Touch participants shall not be entitled to any refund, in whole or in part, of Get In Touch registration fees.
    2.4. The right to gain admission to an event shall lapse if it is decided by or on behalf of the University of Amsterdam that the maximum number of people for the event has been reached.
    2.5. Get In Touch participants must show their e-ticket for events to the University of Amsterdam, security officers, and bar staff when first requested.

    Article 3 – Other obligations

    3.1. Get In Touch participants may not bring glassware, cans, fireworks, firearms, weapons, dangerous objects, drugs, or drinks, alcoholic or otherwise, to the place where an event is taking place.
    3.2. Get In Touch participants must comply, during events, with rules and instructions issued by the University of Amsterdam, the operators of the area where the event is taking place, security officers, the fire brigade, and other authorised parties. Any Get In Touch participant who does not comply with rules or instructions, or who causes danger, is drunk, or behaves in a threatening or violent manner, may be denied entry to the event.
    3.3. Get In Touch participants must lend their full cooperation to body searches by security officers when entering an event.
    3.4. Get In Touch participants must observe smoking bans in force at events.
    3.5. Get In Touch participants must prove their identities during events when first requested by any of the persons or parties mentioned in paragraph 2. This is to enable said persons and parties to meet their legal obligations in relation to events, including that of not supplying alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of eighteen.
    3.6. Get In Touch participants who are younger than eighteen may not purchase or consume alcoholic beverages at events organised by the University of Amsterdam.
    3.7. Without the express permission of the University of Amsterdam, Get In Touch participants may not carry out promotional activities at or during events, regardless of whether such activities are commercial or non-profit in nature.

    Article 4 – Force majeure

    4.1. In the event of force majeure in the broadest sense of the term, including but not limited to illness or cancellation by an artist, late or non-delivery of goods or services, strikes, fire, weather conditions, authorised orders or instructions etc, the University of Amsterdam shall be entitled to postpone an event to a later time or date, or to cancel it altogether.

    Article 5 – Liability and damage

    5.1. The University of Amsterdam is liable for direct damage sustained by any Get In Touch participant and which is directly and solely the consequence of failure attributable to the University of Amsterdam. Compensation is payable only for damage against which the University of Amsterdam is insured and which is paid out by the insurance company.
    5.2. Any Get In Touch participant who, on the occasion of the event, including the setting up and taking down thereof, causes, no matter how, any damage to other visitors to the event, employees or property of the University of Amsterdam or third parties hired by the University of Amsterdam, to the event location and equipment, and to any property related to the event at the location of the event, shall be liable for said damage. Get In Touch participants shall indemnify the University of Amsterdam from all liability claims by third parties regarding damage for which an Get In Touch participant is liable pursuant to this provision.

    Article 6 – Intellectual property rights

    6.1. The University of Amsterdam has the right to take photographs and make film recordings on the occasion of an event for promotional publicity purposes. By entering the location of an event, Get In Touch participants give their permission to the University of Amsterdam to publish such material.
    6.2. The University of Amsterdam shall ensure the availability of the agreed services, and shall take every reasonable effort to offer optimum availability thereof. The University of Amsterdam depends on the cooperation and services of, and supplies from, third parties, and is therefore expressly unable to guarantee that every service will be available.