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Upon departure

We hope you have enjoyed your stay in UvA Housing. There are a few important matters to arrange when you move out of UvA Housing.

Accommodation checkout

Room checkout

Check your departure instructions with your housing provider. Please note that it may not be possible to hand in your room keys during weekends or holidays.

Refund of deposit

If you have paid a deposit when signing your rental contract, this sum will be refunded after your rental contract ends on the condition that you leave your room clean, tidy and undamaged. Your housing provider may need a processing time of the refund of your deposit of max. 90 days after the end of your contract. It is unfortunately not possible to skip the rental payment of the last month and deduct this amount from your deposit.

End of rental contract

Bear in mind that it is not possible to end your rental contract early, unless you terminate your enrolment or in case of significant personal circumstances. All contracts are semester contracts that end after the Fall semester or in Summer.

Deregistration or change address with the municipality

Leaving the Netherlands

Deregister with the municipality to avoid being taxed when you no longer live in the Netherlands.

Send the municipality your deregistration request by post, online or at a City Office. Check their contact details here.

In case De Key is your housing provider, you can use the online deregistration form by De Key. This makes the process easier, as De Key will forward your deregistration to the municipality for you.

If you live in a different municipality (e.g. Diemen or Amstelveen), please check instructions for deregistration with your municipality. 

Moving to a different address in Amsterdam?

You need to notify the municipality of your relocation. Your BSN number will not change.

Moving to a different municipality in the Netherlands?

You need to notify your new municipality of your relocation. Check with them how to register. Your BSN number will not change.

Appeal your municipal taxes

If you do not deregister from the municipality, you risk getting taxed in your home country. Even if you have deregistered, the municipality can still send tax letters to your address in your home country.

Check the page about costs of UvA student housing for more information on municipal taxes. If you have not received a tax letter, you do not need to take any action.

Arranging housing after the first semester/year

UvA International Student Housing can unfortunately only provide housing for the first semester(s) of your study programme. This means we cannot offer another room and you will have to find alternative housing by yourself after the end date of your current rental contract. As you probably know, it is very hard to find affordable housing in Amsterdam. Therefore, we strongly recommend to register with Studentenwoningweb and ROOM in case you have not done so already at the start of your stay. Both platforms are waiting time based platforms. The sooner you apply, the longer your waiting time (meaning: the more chance of finding a new place). They offer affordable rooms with housing corporations such as DUWO and De Key.

You can find some other recommendations for finding housing independently here.