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The University of Amsterdam has four open city campuses that connect the city and the University and combine the advantages of both. Studying at the University of Amsterdam means studying in a vibrant city with excellent opportunities for education and research. A city where there is plenty of space for cooperation and exchange.
Campus Tour
UvA Campus Tour App

Come to one of our campuses, download the app and choose a tour. You walk across the campus and solve riddles based on landmarks, through augmented and virtual reality.

You can take the tour at your leisure, or play it as a game, competing with your friends and earning a place on the scoreboard. So download the app and come to the UvA when it suits you!

City Centre Campus: Arts

The Faculty of Humanities and the University Library will be housed in and around the Binnengasthuis, a historical place in the centre of Amsterdam where the Athenaeum Illustre, the forerunner of the University of Amsterdam, was founded in 1632. Monumental buildings are being renovated or completely rebuilt so that they will be ready for future generations of students and staff. The Faculty of Law used to be located in the city centre but is now based at the Roeterseiland Campus.

City Centre Campus video

Roeterseiland Campus: Social Sciences

The place for Economics and Business, the Amsterdam Business School, the Social and Behavioural Sciences and student cultural centre CREA. Here you will find modern buildings, new study facilities, research labs and several restaurants. The Faculty of Law has also been located here since 2017.

Amsterdam Science Park Campus: Science

Since 2010, the Faculty of Science has been housed in a new building, beside the brand-new University Sports Centre and the Amsterdam University College, also located in a new building.

Amsterdam UMC: Medical Sciences

Amsterdam UMC joins together the university teaching hospitals of the UvA (AMC) and the VU University (VUmc). UvA medical students learn the profession by working alongside doctors, nurses and patients at the AMC location in Amsterdam South-east.