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Cybersecurity and Privacy

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Photo: Jeroen Oerlemans
Cyber infrastructure

Prof. Cees de Laat is professor of System and Network Engineering. He focuses on the complexity of man-made systems at all scales. Exploiting this complexity in a transparent, reliable way for safe and secure data processing is an important topic determining the focus of his research today. | 020 525 7590 | 06 51 566 438 |


Dr Francesco Regazzoni's research is mainly concerned with security, in particular the security of embedded systems and cyber-physical systems (particularly side-channel attacks and countermeasures). | 020 525 8232 |


Dr Kostas Papagiannopoulos is an assistant professor in the Security by Design group, part of the Systems and Networking lab. His research focuses on applied cryptography and includes high-quality cryptographic engineering in software and hardware. His research interests also include the security of semiconductor hardware for cryptographic elements, including side-channel and error-based cryptanalysis. | +49 179 137 6779 |

Photo: Kirsten van Santen

Prof. Christian Schaffner is professor of Theoretical Computer Science and leader of the Theory of Computer Science (TCS) group at the UvA's Informatics Institute. He is also a senior researcher at QuSoft, a Dutch research centre for quantum software. He is a leading expert in quantum cryptography, both in the field of non-quantum cryptography that remains secure in the event of a quantum attack (also known as post-quantum cryptography) and in the design of protocols that solve cryptographic problems involving quantum data and quantum communications. | 020 525 6061 |

Photo by Bob Bronshoff
Ethical importance of privacy

Prof. Beate Roessler specialises in the value of the private sphere for the autonomy of individuals and for citizens in a liberal society, in conflicts between security and privacy, justice, autonomy and equal opportunities for women. | 020 525 4516 |

Privacy and cybersecurity

Dr Ot van Daalen's research focuses on privacy and cybersecurity. In addition, he is a practicing lawyer. He launched the digital rights organisation Bits of Freedom and worked at the Dutch data protection authority. He is an expert on the GDPR, intelligence services, surveillance, tracking, profiling, data breaches, hacking, encryption, quantum computing and human rights.

Natali Helberger (photo: Kirsten van Santen)
Photo: Kirsten van Santen
Online data & privacy

Prof. Natali Helberger is university professor of Law and Digital Technology, with a special focus on AI. She conducts research into how the role and legal position of the user of information changes under the influence of information technology and social and economic circumstances. She also looks at the implications of this for the legal position, rights and obligations of information users under current and future information law. Important areas of focus in her research are media and data analytics, profiling, social media, privacy and user rights. |

Protection of privacy and personal data

Dr Kristina Irion focuses on EU information law and public policy, in particular the protection of privacy and personal data, transnational data flows and data management. | 020 525 3649 |