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Dr V. (Viktorija) Kostadinova

Faculty of Humanities
Capaciteitsgroep Engelse taal en cultuur

Visiting address
  • Spuistraat 134
  • Room number: 5.39
Postal address
  • Postbus 1641
    1000 BP Amsterdam
Social media
  • Teaching and supervision

    I regularly teach a range of BA courses in the English Language and Culture programme. I have also taught sociolinguistics courses in other programmes at both BA (Linguistics) and MA level (Language and Society), as well as academic writing courses at BA level (Media Studies, Cognition, Language and Communication).

    I am available to supervise BA and MA theses on a range of topics in English linguistics, with a preference for sociolinguistic and corpus-linguistic approaches. Please email me to discuss possible topics.

  • Publications


    • Gardner, M. H., & Kostadinova, V. (Accepted/In press). Gettin' Sociolinguistic Data Remotely. Linguistics Vanguard.
    • Kostadinova, V. (in press). 'Double Standards' in American English. In S. Elspaß, I. Mendoza, B. Pöll, & E. Schleef (Eds.), Double standards: Codified norms and norms of usage in European languages. Peter Lang.


    • Kostadinova, V., & Gardner, M. H. (2023). Remote data collection, Part 1: assessing the validity and quality of data collected remotely. Linguistics Vanguard, 9(s4).


    • Kostadinova, V. (2020). Examining the Split Infinitive: Prescriptivism as a Constraint in Language Variation and Change. In D. Chapman, & J. D. Rawlins (Eds.), Language Prescription: Values, Ideologies and Identity (pp. 95-120). (Multilingual Matters; Vol. 170). Multilingual Matters. [details]


    • Kostadinova, V. (2018). Attitudes to usage vs. actual language use: The case of literally in American English. English Today, 34(4), 29–38. [details]
    • Kostadinova, V. (2018). Correcting English: Josephine Turck Baker (1873–1942) and the early American usage guide tradition. In L. Pillière, W. Andrieu, V. Kerfelec, & D. Lewis (Eds.), Standardising English: Norms and Margins in the History of the English Language (pp. 171–190). Cambridge University Press. [details]
    • Kostadinova, V. (2018). Usage Problems in American English. In I. Tieken-Boon van Ostade (Ed.), English Usage Guides: History, Advice, Attitudes (pp. 155–176). Oxford University Press. [details]


    • Tieken-Boon van Ostade, I., & Kostadinova, V. (2015). Have went – an American usage problem. English Language and Linguistics, 19(2), 293–312.







    Talk / presentation

    • Kostadinova, V. (speaker) (2023). Using social media data for the study of morphosyntactic variation in English: Reddit as a sociolinguistic corpus, CCALL Research Group Meeting.
    • Kostadinova, V. (speaker), Larsson, T. (speaker) & Dixon, T. (speaker) (2022). Using social media data to explore the effects of language ideology on morphosyntactic variation: Prescriptivism in language use on Reddit, 9th Conference on Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) and Social Media Corpora.
    • Wagemans, J. (speaker), Kostadinova, V. (speaker) & Sinclair, A. (speaker) (2022). Statement type annotation on Reddit, COST Action Apply WG1 Workshop, University of Brescia.
    • Kostadinova, V. (speaker) (2021). 150 years of ideas about language: The aims and themes of prefatory texts in American English guides, Prescriptivism Conference, University of Vigo.
    • Kostadinova, V. (speaker) (2021). Prescriptivism and online language use: Exploring language users in online communities, International Society for the Linguistics of English Conference.
    • Kostadinova, V. (speaker) (2020). Using online language use data to explore morpho-syntactic language variation in English: The case of prescriptively targeted features, SLE Conference.
    • Kostadinova, V. (speaker) (2017). The value of studying prescriptivism as a factor in variation and change: the case of the split infinitive, Prescriptivism Conference, Brigham Young University..
    • Kostadinova, V. (speaker) (2017). Grammatical variation and language ideology in American English, Grammatical variation and change in English Workshop, KU Leuven.
    • Kostadinova, V. (speaker) (2016). Annotation and Comparative Analysis of Metalanguage in Usage Guides: A Bottom-Up Approach (with Marten van der Meulen and Folgert Karsdorp), Prescriptivism in Language History Workshop, Leiden University.
    • Kostadinova, V. (speaker) (2016). Prescriptivism, language variation and speakers’ attitudes: The case of literally, Sociolinguistics Symposium 21, Murcia, Spain.
    • Kostadinova, V. (speaker) (2014). Correcting English: Josephine Turck Baker and the American usage guide tradition, Symposium on Early American English Usage Guides, Leiden University.
    • Kostadinova, V. (speaker) (2014). Correcting English: Josephine Turck Baker and the American Usage Guide Tradition, Norm(s) and Margin(s) in English(es), Université Aix-Marseille.
    • Kostadinova, V. (speaker) (2014). Between Usage Problems and Sociolinguistic Variables, Cambridge English Usage (Guides) Symposium, University of Cambridge.
    • Kostadinova, V. (speaker) (2013). The Cyber-State of Language, Prescription and Tradition in Language, Leiden University.
    • Kostadinova, V. (speaker) (2013). Researching Language Attitudes in a Digital Age, The 8th Newcastle-upon-Tyne Post-graduate Conference in Linguistics, Newcastle University.
    • Kostadinova, V. (speaker) (2012). Language Usage in Cyberspace: Linguists, Prescriptivists and the General Public, StuTS 52 Student Conference, Free University Berlin.


    • Kostadinova, V. (2018). Language prescriptivism: Attitudes to usage vs. actual language use in American English.
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  • Ancillary activities
    • No ancillary activities