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dr. G.L.A. (Toni) van der Meer

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
CW : Corporate Communication
Photographer: nvt

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  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
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  • Postbus 15791
    1001 NG Amsterdam
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  • About Toni van der Meer

    Toni G. L. A. van der Meer is an assistant professor at the Department of Corporate Communication of ASCoR, University of Amsterdam. In 2016 Toni defended his PhD on crisis communication (2013-2015). The dissertation focused on the communicative interplay between the organization, news media, and the public in times of crisis. After his PhD, Toni has continued his line of research in crisis communication to answer questions like, what is the role of news media and/or social media in the framing of a crisis? What happens if inaccurate information gets spread during a crisis?

    A second and related line of his research focuses on biases in thes news and mediatization. From 2019, Toni works on a NWO-funded Veni project titled “Is the world really in crisis? News bias in the contemporary media environment”. Despite long-term global trends demonstrating how living conditions have improved, media coverage is often event-driven and skewed to the negative side when it comes to selecting news items, leaving a different impression among audiences. This discrepancy between reality and media reality has resulted in research questions such as; has media coverage grown further apart from real-world developments over time? Who expose themselves to this type of negative news in today's high-choice media environment? and what are the effects of such exposure on public perceptions?

  • Publications


    • Araujo, T. B., & van der Meer, G. L. A. (2020). News values on social media: Exploring what drives peaks in user activity about organizations on Twitter. Journalism, 21, 633-651.
    • Hameleers, M., & van der Meer, G. L. A. (2020). Misinformation and polarization in a high-choice media environment: How effective are political fact-checkers? Communication Research, 47, 227-250.
    • Hameleers, M., Powell, T. E., van der Meer, G. L. A., & Bos, L. (2020). A picture paints a thousand lies? The effects and mechanisms of multimodal disinformation and rebuttals disseminated via social media. Political Communication, 37, 281-301.
    • Jin, Y., van der Meer, G. L. A., Lee, Y-I., & Lu, X. (2020). The effects of corrective communication and employee backup on the effectiveness of fighting crisis misinformation. Public Relations Review.
    • Strikovic, E., van der Meer, G. L. A., van der Goot, E. S., Bos, L., & Vliegenthart, R. (2020). On behalf of the people: The use of public opinion and the perception of “the people” in political communication strategies of Dutch MPs. The International Journal of Press/Politics, 25, 135-157.


    • Gerken, F., & van der Meer, G. L. A. (Accepted/In press). Crises frame dynamics: Frame diversity in news media and the role of governmental actors. Journal of International Crisis and Risk Communication Research.
    • Hameleers, M., & van der Meer, T. (2019). Fight or flight? Attributing responsibility in response to mixed congruent and incongruent partisan news in selective exposure media environments. Information, Communication & Society.
    • Kroon, A. C., Trilling, D. C., van der Meer, G. L. A., & Jonkman, J. G. F. (2019). Clouded reality: News representations of culturally close and distant ethnic outgroups. Communications : The European Journal of Communication Research.
    • Powell, T. E., van der Meer, T. G. L. A., & Brenes Peralta, C. (2019). Picture power? The contribution of news visuals to politically motivated selective exposure. Media and Communication, 7(3), 12-31. [details]
    • van der Meer, G. L. A., & Jin, Y. (2019). Seeking formula for misinformation treatment in public health crises: The effects of corrective information type and source. Health Communication.
    • van der Meer, T. G. L. A., Kroon, A. C., Verhoeven, P., & Jonkman, J. (2019). Mediatization and the disproportionate attention to negative news: The case of airplane crashes. Journalism Studies, 20(6), 783-803. [details]


    • Kroon, A. C., & van der Meer, T. G. L. A. (2018). Who takes the lead? Investigating the reciprocal relationship between organizational and news agendas. Communication Research.
    • van der Meer, T. G. L. A. (2018). Public frame building: The role of source usage in times of crisis. Communication Research, 45(6), 956-981. [details]
    • van der Meer, T. G. L. A., & Vliegenthart, R. (2018). The consequences of being on the agenda: The effect of media and public attention on firms’ stock market performance. Communications - The European Journal of Communication Research, 43(1), 5-24. [details]




    • van Zoonen, W., & van der Meer, T. (2015). The importance of source and credibility perceptions in times of crisis: crisis communication in a socially mediated era. Journal of Public Relations Research, 27(5), 371-388. [details]




    • van der Meer, T. G. L. A., & Zwier, S. (2012). Cause-related marketing: een driehoeksverhouding tussen consument, bedrijf en goed doel. Tijdschrift voor Communicatiewetenschap, 40(1), 26-45. [details]


    • Kroon, A. C. & van der Meer, G. L. A. (2016). Best student paper award: Who takes the lead? Investigating the dynamic interplay of organizational and news agendas..
    • van der Meer, G. L. A. (2014). Best Student Paper Award: Framing the crisis: A semantic-network approach to inquire frame alignment among PR, news media, and the public..
    • van der Meer, G. L. A. (2013). Unilever Research Prize.

    Talk / presentation

    • van der Meer, T. (keynote speaker) (11-3-2019). Crisis communication in contemporary media environment, International Crisis & Risk Communication Conference, Orlando, United States.
    • van der Meer, T. (speaker) (2019). "Everything under Control?", Gemeente Amsterdam.
    • van der Meer, T. (speaker) (2019). Dangers of current media environment for crisis communication, SWOCC.
    • Verhoeven, P. (speaker) & van der Meer, G. L. A. (speaker) (1-12-2016). Making news about organisations: A co-production, VPRA WetenschapsUpdate, Amstelveen, Netherlands.


    • van der Meer, T. (other) (31-10-2016). Managing organisational crisis with communication (other).
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