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Dr. M.H. (Menno) Reijven

Assistant Professor of Argumentation and Communication
Faculty of Humanities
Capaciteitsgroep Taalbeheersing, Argumentatietheorie en Retorica

Visiting address
  • Spuistraat 134
  • Room number: 5.06
Postal address
  • Postbus 1637
    1000 BP Amsterdam
  • Publications


    • Dori-Hacohen, G., Grimshaw, E., & Reijven, M. H. (2024). Politicians at Night: Interaction and Discourse on the Entertainment-Political Interview. Lexington.



    • Grimshaw, E., & Reijven, M. H. (2021). “We Have a Big Crowd”: The Different Referents of the First-Person Plural in U.S. Presidential Candidates’ Talk on Entertainment-Political Interviews. In M. Kirner-Ludwig (Ed.), Fresh Perspectives on Major Issues in Pragmatics (pp. 61-81). (Routledge research on new waves in pragmatics). Routledge. [details]
    • Reijven, M. H. (2021). The co-construction of campaign argumentation on U.S.A. late-night talk shows. Journal of Argumentation in Context, 10(3), 397–417. [details]
    • Reijven, M. H., & Townsend, R. M. (2021). Communicative Competence and Local Theories of Argumentation: The Case of Academic Citational Practices. In D. Hample (Ed.), Local Theories of Argument (pp. 497-503). Routledge. [details]
    • Scharrer, E., Warren, S., Grimshaw, E., Kamau, G., Cho, S., Reijven, M., & Zhang, C. (2021). Disparaged dads? A content analysis of depictions of fathers in U.S. sitcoms over time. Psychology of Popular Media, 10(2), 275–287. [details]


    • Reijven, M. H., Cho, S., Ross, M., & Dori-Hacohen, G. (2020). Conspiracy, Religion, and the Public Sphere: The Discourses of Far-Right Counterpublics in the U.S. and South Korea. International Journal of Communication, 14, 5331–5350. [details]
    • Reijven, M. H., Grimshaw, E., & Dori-Hacohen, G. (2020). “That’s Not Funny!” Identity and the organization of interaction on USA entertainment-political interviews. Discourse, Context & Media, 35, Article 100386. Advance online publication. [details]


    • Reijven, M. H. (2023). Peng Wu (2023). Responding to questions at press conferences: Confrontational maneuvering by Chinese spokespersons. Journal of Argumentation in Context, 12(3), 353.


    Prize / grant

    • Reijven, M. (2022). Dissertation of the Year Award of the Language and Social Interaction division at NCA.

    Talk / presentation

    • Reijven, M. (speaker) (18-4-2024). Emotion in argumentative discourse, Emotion in Reason, Poznan.
    • Reijven, M. (speaker), van Bijnen, E. (speaker) & Rock, J. (speaker) (24-1-2024). Retorica in Museums: Tekst, Ruimte, Beeld en Beleving als Overtuigende Middelen, VIOT 2024, Enschede.
    • Reijven, M. (speaker), Grimshaw, E. (speaker) & Dori-Hacohen, G. (speaker) (17-11-2023). Doing Soft Politics: Questions and responses to answers on Late Night Talk Shows interviews with politicians, 109th National Communication Association Conference, National Harbor.
    • Grimshaw, E. (speaker), Reijven, M. (speaker) & Dori-Hacohen, G. (speaker) (16-11-2023). "How real are you?": Candidates as Celebrities, 109th National Communication Association Conference, National Harbor.
    • Reijven, M. (speaker) (16-11-2023). De kunst van het overtuigen 2: Logos, ethos en pathos, Alfa-gammapartners.
    • Reijven, M. (speaker) (19-10-2023). De kunst van het overtuigen 1: Strategisch maneuvreren, Alfa-gammapartners.
    • Reijven, M. (speaker) (11-7-2023). “I will actually respond.” Balancing interactional and institutional demands in Dutch election debates., International Pragmatics Conference, Brussels.
    • Reijven, M. (speaker), Durrani, A. (speaker) & Dori-Hacohen, G. (speaker) (7-7-2023). Disagreeing about lists: Lists in argumentative discourse, ISSA conference 2023, Leiden.
    • Reijven, M. (speaker) & Tracy, K. (speaker) (6-7-2023). Argument by emotion in a legal trial, ISSA conference 2023, Leiden.
    • van Bijnen, E. (speaker) & Reijven, M. (speaker) (6-7-2023). The argumentative structure of Pride Month advertisements, ISSA conference 2023, Leiden.
    • Reijven, M. (speaker) (22-6-2023). A Pragma-Dialectical Analysis of Accusations of Character Assassination, Character Assassination, Illiberalism, and the Erosion of Civic Rights, Amsterdam.
    • Tracy, K. (speaker) & Reijven, M. (speaker) (26-5-2023). Pursuing and Resisting Argumentative Projects in Q&A Sequences during a Trial, International Communication Association, Toronto.
    • Reijven, M. (speaker), Durrani, A. (speaker) & Dori-Hacohen, G. (speaker) (17-11-2022). “And all of that!” The long list in political discourse., National Communication Association Conference, New Orleans.
    • Grimshaw, E. (speaker), Reijven, M. (speaker) & Dori-Hacohen, G. (speaker) (17-11-2022). ‘Slow-Jam The News’ as an Entertainment-Political ritual., National Communication Association Conference, New Orleans.
    • Reijven, M. (speaker) & van Bijnen, E. (speaker) (19-10-2022). Strategic maneuvering with common ground in Dutch election debates, European Communication Conference (ECREA), Aarhuus.
    • Reijven, M. (speaker), Durrani, A. (speaker) & Dori-Hacohen, G. (speaker) (28-9-2022). Lists as an argumentative resource in political discourse, 4th European Conference on Argumentation, Rome.
    • Reijven, M. (speaker) (31-7-2022). The speech code underlying scientists’ participation in the public sphere, Community and Social Interaction Conference: Cultivating Communication Practices, Boulder.
    • Reijven, M. (speaker) (26-5-2022). “If you entrust me with the presidency, …” The deontics of campaign proposals in U.S.A. presidential debate discourse, 72nd International Communication Association Conference, Paris.
    • Reijven, M. (speaker) (18-11-2021). “It picks up on a point that’s already been made.” The role of the moderator in U.S. presidential debates., 107th National Communication Association Conference.
    • Reijven, M. (speaker) (6-8-2021). The social construction of facts as an interactional resource in U.S.A. presidential debates., American Sociological Association Annual Meeting.


    • Andone, C. (organiser), Doury, M. (organiser), Greco, S. (organiser), Hannken-Illjes, K. (organiser) & Reijven, M. (organiser) (5-6-2023 - 9-6-2023). Lorentz Workshop: Qualitative Research on Argumentation, Leiden (organising a conference, workshop, ...).


    • Reijven, M. H. (2022). “I want you to defend that!” The Argumentative Structure of U.S.A. Presidential Debates. [Thesis, fully external, University of Massachusetts Amherst].
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  • Ancillary activities
    No ancillary activities