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drs. J. (Jitte) Waagen

Faculty of Humanities

Visiting address
  • Turfdraagsterpad 9
Postal address
  • Postbus 94302
    1090 GE Amsterdam
  • Profile

    Digital Archaeologist

    As a digital archaeologist at the University of Amsterdam I support fieldwork and research with my expertise in Geo-ICT, quantitative modelling and image based modelling, as well as the operation of drones.

    Coordinator 4D Research Lab

    The 4D Research Lab (4DRL) serves scholars who conduct research into the material past in the faculty of Humanities at the University of Amsterdam. It provides a wide range of computing facilities, 3D scanners, and 3D modeling programmes, as well as technical expertise to assist researchers.

    PhD research

    As a researcher (PhD candidate) I focus on the analysis of archaeological methodology, in particular for archaeological field survey, applying new technology and quantitative techniques to get a better grip on complex archaeological features and finds.


    As a teacher I develope classes for ICT-related applications, such as GIS, statistics, 3D modeling and drone operations, and I am involved with various Blended Learning programmes applying AR and VR technology to innovate teaching.


    Secretary at Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology

    Project manager at Fasti Online - Survey, online Open Access database for Archaeological Field Survey

    Fields of interest

    Archaeological Survey, Landscape Archaeology, Mediterranean Prehistory, Social Archaeology, Computational Archaeology, Digital Archaeology, Geoarchaeology, Databases, Geographic Information Systems, Spatial Analyses, Statistics, Mobile Learning, Open Source Software, Web Applications, 3D, drones, Image Based Modeling, Photogrammetry

    CAA - Dutch and Flemish chapter

    Fasti Online - Survey

    4D Research Lab


  • Fieldwork projects

    Archaeological fieldwork experience

    Present fieldwork projects: Satricum (Italy, led by dr. M. Gnade), Halos and Zakynthos (Greece, led respectively by prof. dr. R. Reinders/prof. dr. V.V. Stissi and dr. G.-J. van Wijngaarden), Tappino Valley Survey, Molise, Italy (together with Dr. T.D. Stek).

    San Pancrazio - Li Castelli (projectleader, GIS-specialist) for the FirmA.Conti VivaiPiante S.r.l. (Rome) under supervision of dr. G.-J. Burgers of the Royal Dutch Institute at Rome.

    The Nemrud Dag Project (Site Information System, 2005-2008, GIS-specialist); collaboration with the Amsterdam Archaeological Center,UvA, led by prof. dr. Herman Brijder.

    The Sacred Landscapes Project (archaeological surveys, landscape reconstruction and spatial analyses, 2004-2008, organisation); collaboration with drs. Jeremia Pelgrom (RUL, VU) and drs. Tesse Stek (UvA, RUN).

    The L'Amastuola Project (archaeological survey and spatial analyses of the necropoleis, 2005/2006); collaboration with the Archaeological Institute of the Free University of Amsterdam, in 2006 with a fund from the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO); led by dr. G.-J. Burgers and dr. J.P. Crielaard.

    Past and present projects Muro Tenente (large scale excavations,1997-2000, trench leader, 2001, field technician, 2002, research); San Pancrazio (small scale excavations, 1999, trench leader); both led by prof. dr. D. Yntema and dr. G.-J. Burgers

  • Publications


    • Krijnen, A. L., Waagen, J., & Hilditch, J. R. (Accepted/In press). Survey, ceramics and statistics: the potential for technological traits as chronological markers. In A. Meens, M. Nazou, & W. van de Put (Eds.), Fields, Sherds and Scholars: Recording and Interpreting Survey Ceramics Leiden: Sidestone Press.
    • Waagen, J. (2019). New technology and archaeological practice. Improving the primary archaeological recording process in excavation by means of UAS photogrammetry. Journal of Archaeological Science, 101, 11-20. [details]


    • van Wijngaarden, G. J. M., Merkouri, C., Ligkovanlis, S., Spegi, M., van Puijenbroek, F., Versloot, A. I., ... Avramidis, P. (2017). Zakynthos Archaeology Project: The 2015 survey at Skoulikado-Kalimachos. Pharos: journal of the Netherlands Institute in Athens, 23(2), 1-31. [1].


    • Stissi, V., Waagen, J., Efstathiou, D., Reinders, R., Rondiri, V., Mamaloudi, I., & Stamelou, E. (2015). Halos: Preliminary report of the 2011-2013 field survey campaigns. Pharos: journal of the Netherlands Institute in Athens, 21(2), 63-84. [details]



    • Waagen, J., de Reus, N., & Kalkers, R. (2013). OpenArchaeoSurvey, or ‘Being Educated by the Digital Fieldwork Assistant’. Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology, 2012, 37-47. [details]


    • Burgers, G-J., & Waagen, J. (2010). Excavations at I Castiedd’ di San Pancrazio Salentino, Southern Italy. Babesch, 85, 59-75. [details]
    • Waagen, J. (2010). Appendix I: Digital modeling and data processing. Journal of Ancient Topography, 20, 54. [details]


    • van der Laarse, R. (Producer), Waagen, J. (Developer), Lanjouw, T. (Designer), Lucas, C. (Developer), de Kleijn, M. (Developer), Dolghin, D. F. (Author), ... Kortholt, B. (Author). (2020). Westerbork Viewer: Commander's House App (Accessing Campscapes). Web publication/site, University of Amsterdam. Retrieved from


    • Stek, T. D., Pelgrom, J., Casarotto, A., Garcia Sanchez, J., Götz, L., Hamel, A., ... Waagen, J. (2016). Santuari, villaggi, centri fortificati e prima urbanizzazione tra sanniti e romani: Nuove ricerche archeologiche nell’Alta Valle del Tappino, nel territorio della colonia latina di Aesernia e in quello della città frentana di Larinum. Archeomolise, 26, 24-39. [details]


    • Stek, T. D., Thiermann, E., & Waagen, J. (2014). The Site Information System. In H. A. G. Brijder (Ed.), Nemrud Dagi: recent archaeological research and conservation activities in the tomb sanctuary on mount Nemrud (pp. 458-465). Boston, MA: De Gruyter. [details]


    • Stissi, V., Waagen, J., & Pieters, N. (2013). From the sorting table to the web: The NPAP research data portal for ceramics. CSA Newsletter, XXV(3). [details]


    • Waagen, J. (2011). La necropoli arcaica de L’Amastuola. In G. J. Burgers, & J. P. Crielaard (Eds.), Greci e indigeni a L'Amastuola (pp. 105-115). Mottola: Stampasud.


    • Tetteroo, C., & Waagen, J. (2010). Le sepolture di Muro Tenente 1993-2002. In G-J. Burgers, & C. Napolitano (Eds.), L'insediamento messapico di Muro Tenente: scavi e ricerche 1998-2009 (pp. 85-140). Roma: Reale Istituto Neerlandese a Roma. [details]
    • Waagen, J. (2010). Le sepolture di Muro Tenente: alcune rifflesioni ed interpretazioni. In G-J. Burgers, & C. Napolitano (Eds.), L'insediamento Messapico di Muro Tenente, Scavi e Ricerche 1998-2009 (pp. 141-150). Roma: Reale Istituto Neerlandese a Roma. [details]


    • Waagen, J., & Kok-Merlino, R. A. E. (2015). [Review of: J.C. Carter, A. Prieto (2011) The Chora of Metaponto 3: Archaeological Field Survey - Bradano to Basento (4 vols.).]. Bryn Mawr Classical Review.


    • Waagen, J., Kalkers, R., & Kruijer, L. (2013). Het OpenArchaeoSurvey project. TMA: tijdschrift voor mediterrane archeologie, 25(49), 72. [details]


    • Waagen, J., Kalkers, R., & Kruijer, L. (2012). De Survey Archaeology website. TMA: tijdschrift voor mediterrane archeologie, 24(48), 46. [details]


    • Watkins, A. S., Stigter, S., Kensche, S., Waagen, J., & Lanjouw, T. (2019). Photogrammetry and painted outdoor sculpture: Assessing Jean Dubuffet’s ‘Jardin d’émail’. Abstract from Future Talks 019, München, Germany.
    • Watkins, A. S., Stigter, S., Waagen, J., Kensche, S., & Lanjouw, T. (2019). Using Photogrammetry in Outdoor Sculpture Conservation: Assessing Jean Dubuffet’s Jardin d’email. 57. Abstract from Icon Conference 2019, Dublin, Ireland.


    • Waagen, J., Stek, T. D., & Kalkers, R. (2016). Settlement Distribution in Samnium: the Tappino Valley Survey project (2004-2015, Molise, CB).


    Media appearance

    • van Londen, H. & Waagen, J. (09-08-2018). UvA'ers: ‘Zweefvliegers, maak foto’s, dit is een ongekende mogelijkheid’ [Web] Folia. UvA'ers: ‘Zweefvliegers, maak foto’s, dit is een ongekende mogelijkheid’.


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