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After graduation

With a bachelor's degree in Archaeology you lay a solid foundation for a career in archaeology. After your Bachelor's you can apply for a Master's programme or directly enter the labor market. Read about the possibilities after your bachelor's degree.

As an archaeological specialist, you can expect to work:

  • as a field archaeologist for archaeological companies or municipalities;
  • as an employee at museums or heritage institutions;
  • as an adviser for government institutions, such as the Cultural Heritage Agency;
  • or in academia.
Future students need not fear a lack of work - we are really eager for a new generation. Maaike Honshorst, alumnus Research Master’s Archaeology and Heritage Read the full interview with Maaike

A related Master's programme

Most students enrol in a Master’s programme to acquire broader or more specialised academic knowledge. The UvA offers over 220 one-, one and a half- and two-year Master’s programmes, many of which are taught in English. If you are looking to acquire broader or more specialised academic knowledge following your Bachelor's, apply for one of the UvA's Master's programmes.

With a Bachelor's degree in Archaeology you may be eligible for admission to the one-year (60 EC) Master's programmes:

You can also opt for a Dual Master's programme: a profession-oriented programme at academic level of one and a half years (90 EC), including a work-study period. Due to the limited number of apprenticeships, a selection procedure applies to all Dual Master's. With a Bachelor's degree in Archaeology you may gain access to the Dual Master's:

Students with a strong interest in research can apply for a two-year (120 EC) Research Master's. There is a selection procedure for all Research Master's, which focuses in particular on the content of your Bachelor's, the study results obtained and your thesis. With a Bachelor's degree in Archaeology you can apply for the Research Master's:

Your diploma is not a farewell

After graduating, you don't have to say goodbye to the University of Amsterdam! We are happy to help you develop your career. You can join the young alumni programme, which will assist you in mapping out your career. And as an alumnus, you can also still use the Student Careers Centre.