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Business Administration

Study Programme

Business Administration is a broad discipline. You take courses such as financial management, marketing, accounting and strategy, international business operations, business ethics and innovation management: all essential aspects of running a company efficiently.

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The programme

You will complete many assignments in small teams. This process will teach you to cooperate quickly and effectively with fellow students, each of whom has a different (potentially international) background. Employers increasingly value this skill as well.

During the 1st year of this Bachelor's the lectures will be given in English. You will also have the option to take your seminars in the 1st year in Dutch if you prefer. 

  • Year 1: develop a steady basis

    The first course that you take is called Principles of Economics and Business. You learn about fundamental themes and theories in economics, business economics and business administration.

    Lectures in the Amsterdam Royal Theatre 
    The lectures for Principles of Business you follow at an extraordinary location: famous and historic Royal Theatre Carré at the Amstel river.

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    4 business perspectives

    Business administration is a multidisciplinary science that draws on different disciplines for solving business problems. We’ve divided the various disciplines into 4 pillars:

    • organisation
    • people
    • economics
    • methods

    The courses in this year are placed under these 4 themes.

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  • Year 2: deepen your basis and work on a business case

    In the second year, you dive deeper into specific business functions during the following courses.

    International Management: learn about doing business (and collaborating) with people from different cultures – an absolute must in the international business community; Information and Data management: learn about the digital revolution and its impact on companies.

    Real-life business case
    To finish off the this year, you work on your first real business case. In this assignment, you provide advice to the management of an existing company such as Vodafone, Shell or Philips.

  • Year 3: internship, study abroad or minor

    You have the freedom to structure this last year according to your own interests:

    1. Choose one of these options:
      Do an internship: work at a company where you can put the experience and skills that you have gained into practice.
      Study abroad: spend a semester studying at a different university to give you an exciting international experience.
      Take a minor: expand your knowledge and stand out from the crowd with a mini study programme in a completely different field such as Philosophy, Law or Italian Studies.
    2. Choose a specialisation that suits you: Accountancy and Control, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity, Finance or Management in the Digital Age.
  • Thesis

    Is there a particular recent development that sparks your enthusiasm or do you have a great idea of your own? Writing your thesis, you have the chance to explore it fully while simultaneously training your ability to independently conduct relevant research. Your thesis is the final requirement to be completed for your graduation. Under the supervision of our researchers, you will follow a clearly defined path that will lead to your graduation with a Bachelor's degree.

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Catalina Grujdin: 'Amsterdam has many career opportunities, as many multinational companies have their headquarters here and encourage students with the many internships and career days available throughout the year. The possibilities are endless.' Read Catalina's full testimonial 

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