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Economics and Business Economics

Why do rates of economic growth vary so widely across Europe? How can a company such as Nike retain market leadership year after year? Should the Dutch government establish a national bank? Economics and Business Economics is an incredibly broad study programme. You will learn to think critically about current, relevant economic issues. At the same time, you will gain insight into how companies are organised and how they operate in their economic context. During the first 18 months, you will familiarise yourself with both areas of study. Afterwards, you will focus on either Economics or Business Economics.

Top 5 reasons to study Economics and Business Economics at UvA

  1. Study in an international, English-speaking environment
    At the University of Amsterdam, you will encounter fellow students from all over the globe. You will also be taught by lecturers from a diverse range of backgrounds. 
  2. Design your own programme 
    Choose the content in the 1st semester of your 3rd year: study abroad or do a work placement, pursue a minor in another discipline or supplement your programme with electives of your choice. 
  3. A great way to launch your career
    You will attend guest lectures given by experienced researchers, policymakers and professionals. The up-to-date theoretical knowledge and practical skills that you gain here will serve you well in your future career.
  4. Profit from intensive coaching
    During your 1st year with us you will receive intensive academic counselling. You can also count on individual support during the rest of your studies.
  5. Earn an internationally recognised BSc title
    Only a few Dutch universities have earned a place in the top 100 universities worldwide as we have. A BSc from the UvA immediately raises your profile on the international stage.

UvA Bachelor's programme in Economics and Business Economics explained

Take 90 seconds to find out why you should study BSc Economics and Business Economics at the University of Amsterdam:

Career prospects

A Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Economics is a great stepping stone towards a subsequent Master's programme or your 1st job. After graduation, you could take a position with employers such as:

  • businesses, including multinationals
  • pension funds
  • insurers
  • government ministries
  • academic institutions

What is Economics/Business Economics?

The study of Economics looks at how people, businesses and countries make decisions and distribute limited resources. You will explore how those choices affect day-to-day life and society. 

Questions that you might seek to answer include the following. Why are people more likely to choose a short-term incentive than a long-term one? What consequences will Brexit have for businesses in the Netherlands? In Business Economics, you will apply economic theories to businesses. You will examine how they are organised, how they operate and which role they play in the larger economy. 

Is Economics and Business Economics for you?

Choosing a programme is not a decision that you want to take lightly. While it is important to choose a programme that appeals to you, of course, this fact alone does not guarantee success. If the following profile sounds familiar to you, Economics and Business Economics may be the right choice:

  • You are fascinated by economics and the world of business practice.
  • You want to learn about the role that businesses play in the economy and the extent to which they influence one another.
  • You have an interest in human behaviour.
  • You are good at and enjoy mathematics.
  • You are able to work both independently and in a team.
  • You can communicate effectively in English.
  • You are able to formulate your opinions well, and you have an inquisitive and critical attitude.
  • You are eager to learn and enjoy exploring new areas of knowledge.

Do you want to find out the main differences between our Bachelor’s programmes in Economics and Business Economics and Business Administration? Or are you still not sure which programme is the right fit for you? Download the infographic comparing our Bachelor’s programmes on a range of criteria to help you make your choice.

'You will examine social phenomena from a mathematical perspective'

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Economics and Business Economics
Degree programme BSc Economics and Business Economics
Type Regular study programme
Mode Full-time
Credits 180 ECTS, 36 months
Language of instruction English
Starts in September
CROHO code 59318