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Honoursmodule: History of Environmentalism

The climate crisis has pushed “the environment” into every realm of our existence. It’s present in the daily weather and in our economic models. In the things we do or do not buy at the supermarket, in the social movements that crowd our streets, and in all academic debates—from philosophy to physics and from biology to business administration. But “the environment” wasn’t always here and it wasn’t always such a political issue. Where did the idea come from? And how did it enter our scientific, cultural and political imaginations? 

In this course, we chart the history of “the environment” as an idea that has shaped our world. We look at the ways in which notions from the world of science entered the cultural and political mainstream, and how these worlds in turn shaped how we think about our environmental problems today.

We will read original texts that inspired the movement of “environmentalism,” fragments that give us a sense of an almost forgotten past, and the most insightful recent academic work. To understand where we come from is to have a better sense of where we might be going. 


We now expect that all lectures can take place on-campus. In case the situation changes, you will be notified. You can find the timetable on Datanose.


Registration is open for second-year or third-year Bachelor's students participating in an Honours programme. Between 30 November 10 am and 3 December 11 pm, you can register by completing the online registration form that will appear on Honoursmodules IIS. Placement is random and students will hear within two weeks for which course(s) they are registered.

Please note: There is no guarantee for placement if you register after December 3, so make sure you register on time. For questions about registration, please contact us at

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Facts & Figures
Mode Honours programme
Credits 6 ECTS,
Language of instruction English
Starts in April