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Honoursmodule: Towards an AI Society: Challenges and Chances

What are the advantages the widespread use of AI is expected to yield? How can we examine the profound social and ethical challenges an AI society must overcome?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is advancing at a rapid pace. Its countless applications are structuring our lives and society in crucial domains such as education, healthcare, surveillance, transportation, journalism, communication, and law. As we already leave many safety-critical and consequential social decisions in the hands of artificial systems, we must ensure that these systems behave in a responsible and ethical manner, and do not harm their users, other individuals and society at large.

This course focuses on a number of topics and debates in the philosophy of AI, with a particular emphasis on the ethical and epistemological challenges, and societal consequences the widespread use and rapid development of AI create. We will take a historical perspective, pay attention to the differences between symbolic AI and sub-symbolic AI, highlight several advantages the widespread use of AI is expected to yield, and examine the profound social, ethical, and epistemological challenges an AI society has to overcome. In particular, we will focus on issues around explainability, transparency, responsibility and accountability for AI and examine the impact of AI technology on the ways we acquire knowledge from others and via technology.


You can find the timetable on Datanose.


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