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Academic Excellence Track

Who are we

One of our students gives you an insight into the Academic Excellence Track and into studying at the Amsterdam Law School. Read the interview.

Meet one of our students

Tom Knox

Tom Knox, Master’s student International & European Law: European Competition Law and Regulation

Tom choose the Academic Excellence track because he wanted to challenge himself and at the same time develop his skills (e.g. analysis, interpretation) as a lawyer. ‘The Academic Excellence Track is enlightening, challenging and enjoyable in equal parts’, says Tom. ‘Being pushed to think laterally and outside of the box and to question why things are the way they are was such a unique experience.’

‘We applied some of the theories and teachings we had been exposed to, including those of Michel Foucault, to delve into how inequality is automated in the decisions taken by governments. We asked if and how the law may be able to effect change in the future. Now, reading about this and other similar topics in the news I have a completely new appreciation and see if through a different lens.’

Top notch lecturers

‘The relationship between the 4 passionate lecturers was clearly very good which led to an enjoyable and positive atmosphere. The track pushes you to think for yourself, form your own opinions and communicate these to the class. Whilst the course was challenging, I felt that I was fully supported to speak about my thoughts and ideas. The guest lecturers were also top notch, each bringing their own style and way of interpreting the fundamental topic of the course – law as a change maker.’

Contact with other students

‘Despite the entire course being held online, the group presentation task at the end of the course allowed for more personal and direct contact with other students. Finally, I really enjoyed being surrounded by students who were enthusiastic and willing to challenge themselves. This encouraged me to work hard and participate, which was great.’

Developing skills

‘If thinking outside the box and beyond the black letter of the law intrigues you, then this course is for you. You will develop skills that will serve you well during your future career whether that be in the law or academia!’