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Artificial Intelligence
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Janneke van der Zwaan

Why did you choose the Artificial Intelligence programme?

'When I started studying I did the Bachelor Dutch linguistics and language. It wasn't enough challenge for me, it felt I was still in high school. My brother who did Business and Information Systems told me to join him and take some programming courses. There I got in touch with the bachelor AI and switched to this programme after a year.' 

Which courses, lecturers and/or research projects stood out for you?

'I immediately think about the course Internet Information (now Advanced Information Retrieval) which was thought by Maarten de Rijke. The topic was really nice, but the workload was high. However, because I really liked the topic I approached him for my Master's thesis. That is how I came to the subject for my final research project.'

How do you look back on your time at the faculty in general?

'I had a great time. When I studied Dutch, I was too easy for me and I didn't like the other students so much. When I transferred to the FNWI, it really felt like coming home. The people thought the same way as me.'

What do you do in your current job, and what do you like most about it?

'I'm a PhD student. At the moment I'm finishing my thesis, so it's writing, writing, writing, which I'm quite good at, they say. I enjoy the feeling when you manage to say exactly what wanted to say. What I also appreciate about my job is the freedom. During my research I developed a prototype of a virtual buddy for cyber bullying victims. I found out that I really like to make things. So in my next job I hope to make applications, maybe in e-health or for serious gaming. I'm not going to stay in research because I want to work 'outside academia'. Which was also the main motivation for choosing my current project.'