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In 2019 I graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a master's degree in Forensic Science (specialisation forensic biology). Before that I obtained a master's degree in Psychology (specialisation in clinical neuropsychology) and a bachelor's degree in Psychobiology. Why two masters? Both are obviously very interesting (I mean, neuroscience and CSI, awesome right!?), and I thought, what have I got to lose. My graduate studies have been in various directions, including the dating of bone fractures with biomarkers, the behaviour of crime scene examiners and the effect of brain stimulation in patients with auditory hallucinations.
Rosanne de Roo

After graduation I started working on the LocalDNA Project. Through one of my internships I got in contact with the project team. With this project, a new working method is being developed that enables effective use of rapid mobile DNA techniques by forensic examiners and a rapid information flow between the police, the Netherlands Forensic Institute and the Public Prosecution. The criminal justice system has a great need for fast and reliable DNA analyses. A faster investigative process contributes to a better approach tackling crime.

Next to my position as a PhD-student, I work as a Forensic Advisor for the Court of Appeal of Arnhem-Leeuwarden. Mainly I support the judges and paralegals in understanding and logically correct usage of forensic reports (in DNA, glass, GSR, fibres, etc), preparing forensics case files and support judges during expert interrogations. The master Forensic Science gave me a good head start for this job. During the masters you gain knowledge about many different forensic investigation areas and (a bit) of legal knowledge. 

My advice to new students? Do an internship in your field of interest and build a network. Follow your passion. Yes you will find a job, although at first you probably don't think so. Don't be too focused on a job, be focused on doing something you enjoy!