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‘The most interesting is the experiential learning programme’

Yannis always wanted to study law because of its diversity and its direct impact on our daily lifes. He applied for the master European Competition Law & Regulation and will be doing a 1-year traineeship at the European Central Bank.

Combining theory with practice

‘The Competition Law and Regulation track offers a highly customizable programme. Due to the few mandatory courses, students can choose freely in which direction they want to go by taking the courses that interest them most. This enables an interdisciplinary approach, as it is possible (and even required) to take courses from other Master tracks. Next to the many different courses, the university also offers a great Law in Action programme that caters for students that want to have a practical side next to their theoretical studies.’

‘I think the most interesting aspect is the experiential learning programme. I believe that it teaches soft skills and practical experience that are extremely important in the professional life and that are much appreciated by employers. Next to that it is also an interesting and challenging way to learn new things and to get to know other students.’

Good atmosphere

‘There is a strong culture of cooperation. Both inside and outside the university, everyone is helpful. During tutorials, students work together on the case studies and outside, they come together to study.’

Yannis Schlüter

Advice to future students

‘My advice would be to make use of what the university offers. Try to participate in at least one of the law in action courses. Also, try to get to know the professors, most of them are working or have worked in law firms or institutions, they can offer valuable advice. Finally, try to work with other students in study groups, you will be more efficient, it will be more enjoyable, and you will be able to make more out of your time.’