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Public International Law (International and European Law)
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‘I'd like to work in the space industry’

American student Phillip Morris is studying Public International Law at the UvA. Eventually, he wants to end up working in the space industry.

Phillip Morris

Career goals

Phillip has chosen to study law with a clear career path in mind: ‘I decided to study law because I'd like to work in the space industry, and don't like math enough to be an engineer, but everyone needs a lawyer. After I graduate I'd like to find a position in the EU related to the space industry.’

Public International Law

Phillip tells us about his fascination for law: ‘To me the most interesting thing about Public International Law is getting to know the rules dictating how governments function.’ He is especially excited about International Investment Law. ‘Everything revolves around money so I look forward to understanding how it flows around the world.’

Extracurricular activities

Even the most hard-working students need some time off every once in a while. About his hobbies, Phillip says: ‘When I'm not studying, I write, play music, watch a lot of movies, and I like to volunteer at the Guerrilla Kitchen.’