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Academic staff

Logic (MSc)

Many of our lecturers are world-class researchers who enjoy international renown. Among our teaching staff are a large number of recipients of the most prestigious research awards conferred by the Netherlands Organisation of Scientific Research (NWO) and European Research Council (ERC) laureates:

  • Spinoza Award winner Johan van Benthem;
  • Vici laureates Rens Bod, Harry Buhrman and Yde Venema;
  • Pionier laureate Michiel van Lambalgen;
  • Vidi laureates Maria Aloni, Ulle Endriss, Robert van Rooij, Khalil Sima'an, Sonja Smets and Ronald de Wolf;
  • Innovational Research Incentives Scheme laureate Paul Dekker.

Most of our lecturers are also staff members at the ILLC. Students in the MSc Logic benefit from a close connection with staff members of the ILLC throughout the course of their studies.