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Master Mathematics

Study programme

Mathematics (MSc)


This programme focuses on pure as well as applied mathematical questions, in all major branches of advanced modern mathematics. This wide range gives you the opportunity to specialise in the areas of your interest, while broadening your mathematical knowledge in general. The programme is organised in four specialisation directions:

1) Algebra and Geometry
2) Analysis and Dynamical Systems
3) Mathematical Physics
4) Stochastics

The curriculum is as follows:

  • Master Seminar within your track (6 EC)
  • Elective courses (78 EC, of which 12 EC may be spent on courses outside Mathematics)
  • Master's project (36 EC)

The rest of the programme is tailored to your fields of interest, in consultation with the Programme Manager. You can choose from a large list of courses from either the local programmes at UvA and VU Amsterdam, and from the national Mastermath programme. 

For detailed information on the courses, check the Course Catalogue

Master Seminars

During the entire first year of your programme you participate in one of the three Master Seminars related to your specialisation direction:

  • Algebra and Geometry (including Mathematical Physics),
  • Stochastics,              
  • Analysis and Dynamical Systems

The Master Seminars are led by active researchers, and form the link between your Master's programme and mathematical research in Amsterdam. The Master Seminars comprise presentations of local staff on their research interests, of graduating students on their thesis project, of the participating students on research literature studied in groups and of alumni and potential employers.


As part of your Master's programme you participate in the national Mastermath network. Students can choose courses from a broad offering of national Master's and PhD level courses,  taught at different centrally located Dutch universities. These joint courses offer students the highest quality of instruction and open up opportunities for tailoring your programme to your personal mathematical interest and interaction with students at other institutes of mathematics.

Overview of available courses

Local Master's courses

Staff members of the Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics teach local Master's courses in all specialisation directions on topics touching on current research developments. The Master's programmes are offered in collaboration with Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, which allows you to also follow local Master's courses there.

Master's project

You will conclude your Master's programme with a research project. You conduct this project within a research group of the Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics under personal guidance of a staff member. It is also possible to combine the Master's project with an internship in a company. The project culminates in your Master's thesis and an oral presentation of your results during a public colloquium. 


Bring your own device

All students enrolled in the Mathematical master's programme are requested to bring their own laptop. More information on specific system requirements can be found here

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