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Tuition fee payment

Your tuition fee needs to be credited to the UvA’s bank account one day before your degree programme starts at the latest, so 31 August for a September start and 31 January for a February start.

Studielink will be open for payment from May.

If you choose to pay in terms, you need to confirm this in Studielink also one day before your degree programme starts at the latest. For example, if you start on 1 September, the payment deadline is 31 August.

If the UvA does not receive your tuition fee on time, you will not be enrolled and you will not be entitled to attend classes or receive financial assistance or reimbursement for public transport.

You can choose from four ways to pay your tuition fees to the UvA. General rules apply to all four of these payment methods. All students must choose a single method of payment.

Digital authorisation (direct debit)
In Studielink, select 'Digital authorisation'. You can choose for collection of the full amount or for collection in ten instalments. In Studielink you can also indicate that someone else will pay for you via direct debit.

Bank transfer (payment in full)
In Studielink, select ’Other method of payment’. It is not possible to pay in instalments when you use this payment method. 

Payment with a proof of paid tuition fees (BBC)
In Studielink, select ‘Proof of tuition fees payment’. You can only pay with a proof of paid tuition fees (BBC in Dutch) if you have paid tuition at another educational institution and meet the criteria.

Your employer is paying
In Studielink, select ’Other method of payment’. Your employer can transfer the tuition fee amount at once or pay via an invoice.